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i know for a FACT that most of those target YOUNG employees do drugs. we party all the time and how do they get hired and i dont.

NOT fair. they are also engaged in sexual contact in secret places. lori romano is one of them along with the others she speaks with. i was a guest there and she gets into details about her sexual partners while im waiting in line at guest service.

she has her fat belly sticking from outside of her shirt and dressed inappropriately.

she is very rude and slow. not everyone wants to wait in like for that long.

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First of all, ALL Target employees go through drug screening before they are hired.

Second of all, if you "party" with them all of the time, stop your hypocrisy right here and now. You are not qualified to work.

Third of all, how dare you list someone's name on a website. That right there is slander and is just plain wrong.

Finally, who gives a flying f*** what she looks like. She was hired, you were not. Probably because of your rotten attitude.

Grow up.

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