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In March of 2010 I purchased a television from Target in Overland Park, Kansas and paid for it using my Target Visa card. Instead of making minimum payments, I made payments of in an amount equal to a payoff in 6 months interest free.

On my last payment, I inadvertently made a payment that was ten (10) cents short and subsequently received a bill for the final balance of ten cents. I contacted target customer service and informed the customer service person of my mistake and asked if the ten cents could be forgiven. At that time she put in a request and advised me that it would take 2 weeks to be approved or denied.

I called 2 weeks later to find out it was not forgiven. I also learned that my account was reporting a missed a payment of ten cents. I talked to another customer service person and explained what happened and asked if I could pay over the phone to avoid the drive to the store to make a final payment of ten cents (which would cost me $10.00 Gas).

She informed me that in order to avoid this going on my credit report I needed to make the payment immediately at the store and she could not accept the payment over the phone. I then offered to pay $20.00 and have a credit on my account of $19.90 to avoid the ride to the store and she stated that she could not do that either.

Concerned about my credit rating, I drove to the store and paid the ten (10)cents to the customer service clerk. She appeared embarrassed that the company would require this type of transaction.

The next day I called to check my balance and apparently the payments at the store are not real time either, because my account still had a missed payment and balance of ten (10) cents. I will never shop at Target again and I will let all of my friends know of my experience.

I can only wonder if Target's competitors are as financially strapped and have the same policy - I guess I will find out soon.

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Credit Card.

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How bad is your gas mileage that it would really cost you $10 in gas to go to a Target store?? The average car gets around 20 miles PER GALLON of gas. Stop whining, it probably cost you less than a dollor to fix YOUR OWN ERROR...


God. Athena. Try *** reading comprehension!!!

They called Target Customer service and were told they could Not make a payment over the phone. As for online-they will not process a payment for 10 cents.

As for everyone else- stop acting so perfect. Like none of you have made a mistake. I know I have- which is why I'm not acting like a bitchy towards the original poster.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #201292

Are you sure you are old enough to drive? Your mistake. Admit your fault and grow up.


OK, first of all, if you were so concerned about your credit rating and paying your last 10 cents off, why didn't you just pick up the phone and call Target credit card services (the number to which is handily located on the back of your Visa) and make a payment over the phone? Sure, you'd probably have to pay a processing fee, but your account wouldn't have been late and you wouldn't have had to drive all the way to the store to do it.

I mean, really? Is a little common sense that hard to come by nowadays? Or geez, how about you go online to make the payment? Fast, simple, and the payment would have posted by the next day.

Instead of laying the blame on the company whose name is on the card, why don't you show a little personal responsibility and stop acting like a child. Don't blame Target for your error.

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