My wife was told that she couldn't take our four (4) year old son into the dressing room with her at the Waco store (juanita) was very RUDE and unprofessional. She took him in anyway and when she left juanita and another employee glared and laughed at my wife.

We will not return to the Waco Tx. store or probably any other Target store.

we would like to know what happened to customer service, and the customer is always (ALWAYS) right.

Does that only apply in certain stores and customers. If I was the manager of this store they would be fired on the spot.

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Manager.

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Awka, Anambra, Nigeria #204160

I am not saying what they did was correct. But where do you come up with the idea that the customer is ALWAYS right? That is a bunch of BS.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #203642

After reading the replies, I have one thing to say, and I hope this is just a troll post.

I don't buy that "I would have hit the associate because I was looking out for the best interest for my son. Where were you thinking of your best interest of your son when he was left alone?

You would just hit her so you have a good excuse for hiting a lady. I don't buy this story at all and wonder if the OP even knows about this post however if It is true I stick with my first post and say you cared no hoots about the best interest of your son and would have just looked for an excuse to hit a lady.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #203632

Don't you know how to read Irish, I was not in the *** store. If I were I would have slapped (juanita).

Also my son was not left in the store alone for four hours. Some busybody customer or employee saw my son crying and took him to the front. They paged his mother for 15 minutes. When my son told them that my wife went home they told him she would not leave without him.

When she did not come to get him for half an hour they called the police and when she was not in the store they took him to the station. The rude front desk employee told her she was at the police station. Target and the police kidnapped my son. He was having the time of his life because the officers were entertaining him.

They later placed him in care and did not return him till this morning, and not only did we get the lecture from the police but CPS also. If my son had not acted like a baby and cried then none of this would have happened. This is all his and Target's fault.

It is CPS's fault, the police's fault. People should be allowed to discipline their children without worrying about being bad parents of having their children kidnapped by the police or CPS.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #203622

Also why is your wife not writing this if it happened to her. Does she know how to spell or is she just some low class person who likes to do things her own way despite the rules.

Your wife acts like she is four years old herself.

Perhaps seven years old at the oldest. Leaving a child in the store alone for four hours is neglect.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #203621

Were you with your wife at the time? Then I don't see why she can't leave him with you.

Seriously, If you were not with her I can see why she took him to the changing room.

Also that the customer is always right was fine in the 80's but it is the 21st century. To many greedy people who take advantage of that rule so it is oudated thanks to the pathetic unrealistic people making unrealistic demands.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #203620

My son was misbehaving so she left him in the store. Then they called the police on my wife.

She only planned to leave him alone in the store for four hours to scare him. However the police came and they warned my wife that this is neglect. Just now CPS came because the were also contaced by the police and they told my wife that if she does this again they would take my son away. She does not care, if she has to scare him she will do it again and if they take our son away we will charge CPS with kidnapping.

Funny how they accused her of neglect when they did not want him in the dressing room. The Waco Tx. store likes to break up families and ruin your life. They just don't like my wife and when they refused to allow my son in the dressing room with her they planned on lying and saying that she left him unattended.

If I were the police officer I would have my badge revoked. If I were the social worker I would be fired and charged with threats of kidnapping. If I were in the store and they refused to let my son in the changing room with my wife I would have slapped the lady behind the counter.

Dont' tell me that it is wrong for me to slap a lady. I am only doing this to look out for the best ineterest of my son.

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