cashier swiped my ckeck and said machine was not working properly and asked me to sign and submit check for purchase of $117.98- I did that only to find both transactions showed up on my checking account. I presented evidence of transactions and management will not return my calls nor have they acknowledged my request for a refund.

Poor management for someone in that position. Americus, Ga.31709 store #0758. Store manager's name is Roger Eden, don't have last name. I can be reached 229-942-0330, my email is hometownmedical@gmail.com.My business has purchases equal to approx.

$15,000/year for the past two years.

I know target would hate to loose that kind of revenue. Gene Malcom 161cce

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Awka, Anambra, Nigeria #333184

Do you really expect a posting to this site to get results? Quit dreaming and call your bank. They can get your money for you a lot quicker than wasting you time complaining on the internet.


I agree we do have a crook here


You need to contact their corporate offices(612)304-6073 or Guest relations 1-800-440-0680. If the store management is refusing to do their job.


Wow that is weird!! Weird that the exact same thing happened to you at WalMart too. Lol!!

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