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my wife just bought a pair of shoes from target in the morning...then she took the shoes home....she got kind side tracked and had to do something else....after a few hours....she remembered that she just bought a pair of shoes....

and with glee....she went to go and take them out of the box to try them on...when she did ...she realized that they were a bit too tight and realized that she may have bought the wrong size...so she went back to exchange them for a larger size....

but they asked if she walked in them....and she said yes...for about 3 minutes....then they said...no exchanges....because they are used...and we cant take back used shoes...and she said...but I just bought them....and they said...it doesn't matter...they are used....

so my suggestion is if you buy anything...to which we never will again...dont say you opened it...dont say you used...dont say you walked in it...just say...you changed your mind....so my word for you target...is

go f**k yourself...I will go and take my business to walmart where I am not ashamed...their customers are not stuck up but humbled....the employees are down to earth....the prices are much cheaper...the selections are greater...and the return policy is as always...no questions asked.....

Monetary Loss: $30.

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Chapel Hill, North Carolina, United States #693130

As someone who previously worked in management for two major shoe store chains, I will tell you that we DID NOT take back shoes that had been worn. I don't know of many stores that would.

Also, you're completely wrong if you think Walmart would take back worn shoes, they have return polices that vary depending on the items, it is most certainly NOT no questions asked.

And no, I don't work for Target. It's very simple, know the polices of the stores where you shop and if you can't comply with them, then don't freaking shop there.

to sessa Houston, Texas, United States #693182

you sound like a target employee or manager or image control for target......did you not read the true story.....the shoe was never worn...it was tried on for size...there is a difference between trying on for size and actually wearing the shoe for a given period of time then it is considered used....now if you consider trying on for size a shoe or any piece of clothing...as "being worn"....then let me inform you that just about every shoe store in america and the world that allows you to try something on for size...is now selling "used" (as the term you prefer to use) items...how many times do shoe salesman place your foot into a shoe to see how it fits and if it doesn't...do they take that shoe and place it in the used shoe rack for discounts...??....or do they place it back in the box and put it back on the shelf to sell it to another person....if they did that then almost all shoes if not all of them would be then declared "used"....also not limited to clothing and apparel....that's why they have changing rooms to try on for size...so are now those clothes declared used....and taken off the shelf and thrown away...???...now as far as knowing policy...obviously the only policy I need to be aware of is target...just about any other store will allow you to return their items or exchange them...as a simple courtesy of doing business....just as walmart does....and as for walmart not taking back items....you are wrong....the only thing they require is your reciept....and like I said before...no questions asked...and if you wish to dispute this....I challenge you to a test and I can prove it....my words to be true and yours to be wrong.....target's policies are the only stores I am aware of with terrible return policies....as well...their prices are way over priced...I dont see how they stay in business....that's why they are so eager to never let anyone stand too long in the check out lest they lose that sale....because each sale is a detriment to their existence....while walmart has people standing in long lines probably because they know their prices are so much better that their customers will tolerate such long lines....one day I went to target to buy 1 tomato....one avocado....and one onion....and it was almost 5 dollars...(4.89).....what a rip off....when I go into a walmart...it is packed....when I go into a target it is like a ghost town.....like I said I dont see how they stay in business....

to genecorpus Chapel Hill, North Carolina, United States #693400

Here's the policy straight from the Walmart website jack@$$:

CLOTHING, SHOES & ACCESSORIES - 90 days if unworn

Merchandise must be returned unworn, with tickets attached and accompanied by the original invoice.

There are multiple exceptions to their return policy depending on the items, what about this is so hard for you to comprehend? Are you just determined to be right no matter what the evidence?

And yes, of course I work for Target. That must be why YOU are wrong. ***. :roll :roll

to sessa #693707

Whether or not you work for Target isn't the question on the table, jack@$$. The question is the reason that you are so infuriated at someone for expressing their experiences with Wal-Mart, jack@$$.

Just because you pulled a policy from a website doesn't mean that this person has had the experience of being turned away for "worn" shoes at Wal-Mart, jack@$$.

It means that whenever they tried to return something at Wal-Mart, they were met with a willingness to accommodate the customer, jack@$$.

If you do work at Target, jack@$$, go back to work. If you don't, then shut up on store policies that are subjective at best, jack@$$.

to sessa Houston, Texas, United States #693793

hahahaah.....I guess my surmize of you being a target employee was right on target....no punn intended...but obviously your bias is showing....how much money are they paying you to defend their horrible policies...they would save and make more money if they would just simply mirror good customer policy...as most other businesses so...ALSO what is it about "trying on to see if it fits" do you not understand...??..as opposed to "wearing" something and going to work in it...one is a few minutes at most and the other is for several hours or even days...do you not know the difference...??..you are comparing apples to oranges...do you call shoes or clothes that people try on for size in changing rooms "used"...how *** is that..?...with the exception of target...I dont know of any store that does not allow you to return something...even the 99 cent store allows you to return and exchange stuff......not sell things and take the money and run policy that target has...target has the worst return policy in the business...with this... you will loose customers...

a lot of them....along with your over priced items....that's why your stores are most of the time empty....like ghost towns...now that is very interesting that you bring up walmart policy...wow 90 days...that is even better than what I expected...that is a long time to decide that you dont want a product....now what do you think walmart thinks you are doing with a product that long before you decide you dont want it....??..does walmart think that you are taking their product and storing it in your basement unopened....untaken out of it's packaging....so that 90 days later you can return it...?? of course not...they know you have already taken it out of the box and trying it on for size and satisfaction....and if you dont want it it is not unreasonable that they want you to return the item without damage...visable usage or wear..so that they can place it back on the shelves....which by the way when my wife bought her shoes at target they were new out of the box and still new when she placed them back in the box a few minutes later...and if it were walmart she would have had no trouble returning it so she could get a different size....but since she did buy it at target...she got screwed....by their terrible unreasonable return policy....which walmart's is 90 days....and target is "0"....ZIP....your evidence to walmarts policy justifies and what I am saying....they have a very good return policy better than I thought....compared to targets 0 return policy....


I would NEVER buy anything like that from Target. I got burned to after needing an exchange and was denied.

I now go to shoe stores where the customer is treated farily by them.

People who work at Target are s,t,u,p,i,d. Don't ever shop there.

Jeffersonville, Indiana, United States #693006

You cannot return shoes anywhere once you have worn them. Don't blame Target for your stupidity

to Naan Houston, Texas, United States #693188

apparently you didn't understand the true story....neither dont you know the difference between trying something on and wearing something for a period of time......perhaps you need to go back to school and learn the art of reading and comprehension...maybe you'll learn the difference......if that's possible....


shopping at target, walmart, sounds like trailer park trash talk.....

Hey dont forget K mart, blue lite specials. Hey they sell used shoes at the salvation army sotres too....


no they were not damaged...she just tried them on and saw that they did not fit...


Apparently you did some damage to the shoes otherwise you wouldn't be asked that question!


I’d just like to get this straight. One of you attempted to exchange some shoes. They were disallowed by a Target Policy, and now the two of you are lobbing f-bombs at each other?

Either grow up or take your petty squabble out side to the school yard.


TO MASON :...why dont you go f**k your self A**hole...everybody tries on shoes for a few moments before they buy them...why dont you get your head out of your a**....maybe your an employee for target...or maybe you just like talking without thinking....***...!!!!!!!!


why dont you go f**k your self A**hole...everybody tries on shoes for a few moments before they buy them...why dont you get your head out of your a**....maybe your an employee for target...or maybe you just like talking without thinking....***...!!!!!!!!

Haifa, Hefa, Israel #131923


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