Ambridge, Pennsylvania
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I am sickened at Target's knuckling under to a few parents' complaints about girl/boy gender signs...BOYS ARE BOYS and GIRLS ARE GIRLS...Parents can buy their girl a truck or buy their son a Barbie doll...signage has nothing to do with it except making a parent's way around the store more difficult if one in fact is looking for a GENDER APPROPRIATE item!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am DONE with Target.

Going along with the PC movement is ruining our country. BTW I have not spoken to one parent who is pleased with this move and they also are done with Target.

And I have a daughter who wore pink and hair bows and curls and played softball and ran track and is studying at a top university in Energy Engineering and Finance with a 4.0...guess recognizing she is a girl and not an "it" did not harm her.

Reason of review: Gender Neutral Stance.

I didn't like: Discrimination.

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