This is the email I sent to guest.relation@target.com a few minutes ago. I also will continue to let people know about how I feel about Target if there is no resolution.

Dear Sir or Madame,

This letter is a formal request for Target to waive the 90 return policy for Order #10578688846 in the refund the amount of $115.61. The item purchased is UNOPENED and was requested to not be delivered at all. Also, the item is still selling at the website for the same amount I purchased a little over 90 days ago…

Although Order # 10578688846 was placed on July 9, 2012, expedited shipping was requested for the item. However, I received an email notification on July 13 stating the item shipment would be prolonged. Four days past order date as first notification, which was even beyond the projected delivery date? Once email was received, a request was made to Target on my part to NOT ship the item at all because the item was no longer of use. Yet, despite my request, the purchased item was received at my home on July 20th and my debit card was charged the full expedited shipping amount. In the meantime, I have already purchased alternative shading for the July 15 party I was hosting.

Today has been a grueling attempt for this return. Several hours of my time makes the return futile for me. If I were being paid hourly, we would have surpassed the cost of the item hours ago. The conversations I have had with your many employess tonight have motivated me to move further…

What have I been doing with my time over the last 3 months? Tonight, as questioned by Kevin (#467031) - the final "boss" I spoke with in this attempt, it was pointed out to me that many months had elapsed without my action. Hopefully you guys tape the calls because he actually went through the available months for return one by one as if I were an *** and needed time to reflect on where the time went… "So then you had August and September and then October…" He did appear to be saying it with a smile. Not that it is of any consequence to you, your company, or any employee working for your company but I seriously would have been unable to carry out this very futile return effort before Oct 31, at the very least. 60hrs+2kids+1 spouse (and more than you need to know) means very little time for mama to "deal" with Target…

My MBA beckons your company to challenge your internal systems a bit more and embrace a customer base that will most probably disappear due to the ignorance of your staff and your inflexibility to your "rules". Big box is cool, but you gotta know what's going on beyond the box…

Other than my initial attempt to NOT receive the item, today I spoke to a customer rep at the target store in Metarie. I didn't get her name but she is the one that actually swiped my debit card to figure out I was no longer eligible for return. He He, gotta love the data mining. She was very nice and gave me the number to target.com returns (1-800-304-4075) and also guest relations (1-800-440-0680).

After spending a significant amount of money in the store, I went home to start calling the numbers I was given. I started with target.com returns and spoke to a lady said she could not help me, so I requested her manager.

Then, I spoke with Alan (#467039). He also could not waive the 90 day return policy and told me he was the max "boss" I could speak to. As a matter of fact, he also had the nerve to tell me I had not been charged for the expedited shipping. He also affirmed I was actually charged $115.61 for my order. The cost of my item was only $79.99.

Since Alan said he was the best I could do with Target.com returns, I then turned to guest relations to basically vent. After going through an endless cycle of repeat automated cycles, I finally got a live person (Russell 3-844689624). After speaking with him, it was obvious he could not help me. After asking him exactly which department he worked for, he divulged that he answered the calls for several departments. So, I asked if he could transfer me to whoever could make a call on lifting the 90 day return policy. After several minutes on hold, I was directed to Kevin. (#467031). It wasn't until the end of my conversation with Kevin and asking him for his identifying info did I realize I was back at the department I started with today… Kevin did say he was .com orders… not returns…

So here we are. I have literally lost money by making this point. I will also continue to lose money by making my point. Traditional marketing says an unhappy customer tells 15 other potential customers – that was before social media. With all due respect, I have been very upset by my treatment and time wasted by your company today.

If needed, I have email documentation for the order, late notification of arrival and if necessary an accountance of how my time has been spent over the past few months… Please consider my request.



Monetary Loss: $115.

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You had 90 days. Even if you feel you were cheated out of a few days, that is still longer than Best Buy, Wal-Mart, Sears, Toys-R-Us, Radio Shack, and probably any other place you can think of.

Let us know where you will be shopping now that will waive all of it's policies just for you.


You think Target is going to help you resolve an issue ... oh, that's so cute!


Wow. Could you be more entitled and arrogant?

Good luck garnering any sympathy. I sincerly hope you never get a refund, not that I think you will. You had 3 MONTHS TO RETURN IT!!!! Why on earth should you be exempt from a perfectly reasonable return policy that the rest of us abide by?

Your MBA apparently didn't teach you any common sense. Unbelievable.

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