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Speaking with customer service was like speaking with the airline attendant from Meet the Parents when Ben Stiller wanted to get a flight home. #1 The Market Pantry Peanut Butter sucks!

The PB was NOT sealed! It spilled all over me - AT work in the morning. My shirt is ruined and i have to walk around all day with this oil stained shirt! As much as I spend at target it wouldn't have hurt them to give me a $20-$25 gift card to replace my shirt which was $50!

Instead I get a $3 voucher. Not satisfied at all!

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Gift Card.

Monetary Loss: $55.

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haha. How can you spill Peanut Butter?


Whoops I had an accident completely by myself and ruined something by my own hands... SOMEONE ELSE IS GONNA HAVE TO PAY


Usually people open pb jars on a flat surface and don't tip it towards themselves.


I think the unasked question here is: How the *** did you SPILL peanut butter?



Oh yes! Target should just throw a $25 gift card at you everytime you ruin your shirt.

You're lucky you got $3. Who spends $50 on a shirt anyway?


I agree. That's retarded> Of course it is Target's fault for selling peanut butter unsealed. Hope you get some of that next time.


Being in the customer service industry, there are a lot of times the customer is not right, but the saying goes, the customer is always right.

The peanut butter was not sealed or maybe because of the oil it became unsealed.

I have bought jiffy, peter pan and other brands and NEVER had such an incident happen, plus their product tasted good.

It was a disappointing experience and this was my forum to vent and I did. Maybe now you can get a life instead of commenting on somthing that doesn't matter to you.


Lets think about this for a minute...

YOU were the one to spill peanut butter on yourself. YOU did it. How profitable would ANY company be if they were constantly giving out giftcards to every clutz that spilled something on themselves?

Bottom line: You are at fault on this one, not Target.


You are a retard.

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