I went into a Target in Harlem and saw a man place his dog inside a shopping cart. I ask the security officer about this and he said this dog was a service dog.

I was disgusted because this dog walked into the store. I called Target customer service and they took the complaint and told me they don't ask for proof that the dog is a service dog.

The most disturbing part is that people come in and put their children in the cart. This store is also a super Target and they sell food...CONCERNED ABOUT ALLERGIES AND DISEASE

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Keep dogs out of shopping carts.

I didn't like: Customer service, Dogs in carts.

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Orange, California, United States #973308

Perhaps before posting this review you should have asked your parents to help you research "service dogs" online. That way you would have known that service dogs are allowed to ride in carts, or walk with the person.

You would also know that you are not allowed to ask for proof if the dog is a service. I hope one day you are dependent on a service dog and someone makes a big issue over you bringing it shopping.


That dog will leave less of a mess in the cart than half the kids that ride in them. Dogs don't have stick paws.

Dogs don't have to be fed cherieos as the ride through the store and drop them all over the floor.

Dogs is carts don't whine about not getting a toy or some kind of food. I'd rather see a dog in a cart than an obnoxious kid any day.

Phoenix, Arizona, United States #965476

The animal may have been a service dog but not in the traditional sense that you believe in. Many dogs are being used as service dogs to sense seizures, low blood sugar in diabetics etc...it's a little narrow minded of you to assume that it wasn't a service dog just because it was in the cart.


I agree dogs don't belong in shopping carts and they don't belong in stores unless there is definite proof that they are service dogs. Any service dog shouldn't be small enough to be in a shopping cart.

I realize some people have what is called a "companion" dog, but a person shouldn't have to take a companion dog with them all over. If the person had a human companion that companion wouldn't go all over with a person. The sad part of this is that people can now go on line and order things that will make it look like their dog is a service dog. I feel something really has to be done about things like this.

People should be required to show proof that the dog is needed for reasons such as blindness, epilepsy, autism, deafness, etc., and stores should be required to show that proof. If a person takes a little dog that is allegedly a companion dog with them to a store, they should be required to carry it.

I don't go along with needing a companion pet of any kind. IF I wanted a companion I would want one that can take itself for walks, feed themselves, etc.

to anonymous Melbourne, Florida, United States #963590

And the minute a store asks for proof of disability they get slapped with a huge lawsuit by the ACLU for violating the ADA.

to anonymous #966103

Small dogs are used for other services other than companion animals. For example, seizure sensing dogs are generally small so they can sit in their owners laps.

It is illegal for stores to ask what service an animal is providing and you should never jump to conclusions about whether or not someone truly has a disability. I don't really see a problem with an animal in a cart because I thoroughly wash any foods that are not prepackaged anyway and most service animals are probably cleaner than some of the kids that sit in the cart anyway.

Vero Beach, Florida, United States #963246

I got news for you, those children are more of a health hazard than the dog. Studies have been done which found the most common contaminate on shopping carts his human ***.

Human. Not dog.

So that cute little toddler has an accident and suddenly the shopping cart is contaminated.

Do you think the store sanitizes.disinfects their carts? The answer is a big fat NO.

Presque Isle, Maine, United States #963147

Dogs don't belong in the shopping carts. That is disgusting. I wouldn't want my food to go into a cart that a dirty old mutt was inside.

to Brennan #967443

I don't want my food going into a cart where kids have been. Kids are filthy. They touch everything, put things in their mouths, eat off the floor, put their mouths on the carts, get everything they touch sticky, etc, but the stores can't do anything about people putting their kids in the carts anymore than they can the dogs, because it's rude and might offend someone.

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