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I've always regarded Target as a better version of Wal-Mart, did light shopping there and to a degree, enjoyed the store, but in every store I shopped in across the neighboring cities I live by in southern California always seemed to have the same problem. The *** employees would literally avoid you.

On numerous occasions when buying shampoo, food, hair dye, dog food and treats, the moment I would look at an employee they'd suddenly turn down and isle and disappear. I always gave them the benefit of the doubt until I was looking for an employee to direct me to the pickles. I went down a isle, rather quietly in retrospect, and turned to find three employees standing together talking. When they saw me they each disappeared down another isle and I followed one saying "EXCUSE ME!" until he ran into the employee's only room. I then passed an overnight stocker who are not trained to deal with customers and asked her to direct me to a day team employee. She just laughed and asked me what I was looking for. She walked me to the isle, told me which of the pickles were more worthwhile to buy and asked me if I needed anything else.

A few months later when I was in need of a job, I got one as an overnight stocker at a different Target. As a shortened version, if you care about your fellow man, do not shop here. Not only was I treated like trash, the environment was similar to high school with the cliques and cool kids groups, favoritism ran rampant and I was screamed at for getting injured because my coworkers were messing around and not paying attention and the managers were constantly undermining each other. If you want to hear the long version, go ahead and read on.

To start with. I was never trained. Never. I was thrown in a introductory "class" where I watched a video about not riding pallet jacks and climbing the isles and how to speak to a customer. This video was intended for day time only workers and so everything I needed to know wasn't on the video. Then I was thrown directly on the line where I had to unload the truck, of which I did a pretty darn good job despite not know how to do my job. My friends worked there and I was separated from them when they tried to explain how to match a product to a location on an isle. I was told by the highest manager in the store beside the store manager (Whom spoke to the night team once during the six months I worked there) that I would have a specific section of the store to work in. The lowest manager undermined that order on the first day of work. When I asked the highest manager he moved me back and for a month and a half I was constantly moved back and forth between those two sections every single day. I was sexually harassed on a few occasions before the lowest manager got another hair up her you-know-what and started throwing me in a new section of the store every chance she could and purposely putting me in sections where the boxes I had to lift were nearly as heavy as myself. When I finally got into the I-have-no-idea-what-I'm-working-on-ever pattern and started enjoying certain parts she would cut me off of those and throw me in a new section for a few weeks.

Finally, Christmas was here and we decided to stay open later this year but was told to avoid customers because we weren't trained to speak to them.

I followed the rule until I noticed day team workers ditching down the isles when customers would need help and ended up helping around six in the little window before the store closed. The manager proceeded to yell at me for speaking to customers.

Things continued to get worse as my manager treated me worse and worse and tried to make me look like an *** on a few occasions. Once she made a comment with her voice raised to such a point that she was obviously trying to make sure everyone heard her. She said something along the lines of "You DON'T know how to do THIS?" I proceeded to tell her in the same tome and pitch that "No, I don't because you didn't train me and every time someone tells me how to do something you put me in quarantine!"

After that, five months after I started my job, she put me into training. I had already told her dozens of times before that I wasn't trained but she finally got the picture.

On to the night I quit.

Well, it started very, very early on. I was on the health and beauty pallet, the place where I always was because the boxes are light. The problem with them is that there are hundreds of these darn boxes but I did pretty good with them and normally had an even pallet. My boyfriend was doing back-stock on the other side of the line and we had an influx of boxes that night. He was helping out my stacking up my boxes as they passed because the line was getting backed up and it conserved space. As I reached to grab a stack the line stopped in the back because it hit the back metal to prevent boxes from falling off. The *** at the end of the line (my ex-trainer that never taught me a *** thing) started pushing the line backwards to make room, she always does this and this is extremely dangerous. Then the *** at the front of the line the scans the labels and marks for back-stocking started pushing the line down because she's and impatient *** and she also always does this and it's also extremely dangerous. Neither of these women were looking at the line and didn't notice when my entire right arm got wedged between a stack of health and beauty and a box that had a *** table in it. With the two women shoving the line my arm was completely squished and it hurt like ***. I tried to yell to tell them to stop but the *** in the back shoved the boxes again and I heard a POP from my arm. Because I couldn't push the line backwards because of the metal stopper I shoved the boxes back towards the truck. A single box of pillows fell off the line and I was able to yet my arm out. It was already red and bruising and it was hard to move my elbow.

Then here comes manager with a god complex and she started screaming at me (not yelling, or reprimanding, screaming like she was ready to hit me) about how what I had done was dangerous. When I tried to explain that I grabbed my boxes and *** 1 and *** 2 started pushing the line in which was considerably more dangerous that what I had done, she continued to scream at me. She ignored nearly everything I said up until I told her that I was an artist and writer and that if there was any permanent damage to my arm not only was I going to sue the *** out of the company, but I would also sue her. I tried to explain myself again, that, yes, I had done something dangerous but only in fear that my arm would break and I am not accountable for whatever damages there was and instead *** 1 and *** 2 were. Finally, the *** tried to get my boyfriend to side with her and he pulled her aside and bitched her out for not dealing with things as she should have. He then gave me the keys to the car and told me to quit, that he'd get more hours and we'd be okay.

So, like any self respecting woman I stormed to the main office and told my boss that if he didn't turn the alarm off on the door I would kick it down. He convinced me to sit down for a second and that he'd make sure that he'd fix any issue and ended up telling me that he'd mark me down for a two week notice and to just come in on Friday each day, so that if I ever needed another job I could come back. I assured him that I would never come back. He was literally terrified of me because he had a two table width between me and him and kept shifting closer to the door. I ended up agreeing to come in for two more days then walked out and the alarm went off.

On the last two days all of the managers literally hid down isles to avoid me and everyone kept their distance. I ended up filing a complaint to corporate, which was ignored, and when I found out later that said manager was buying meth from my mother's friend I told them to do a surprise drug test, as they were legally allowed to do, but again, nothing came of it. Since then I've only shopped there twice, once for a friend who needed something, and another to get my hair dye which I can't buy at any other store. I made sure to buy enough for a few dyes and sent a letter to the company to ask them to sell at other stores that I'm currently not boycotting.

Also, beware the produce section. I've found rotted food and some pretty nasty ***. Once I found a box of chicken broth that had been in the back of the isle for FIVE YEARS. The smell was so nauseating that I was horrified that I had been the one to find it all this time later. The bottom was literally rotted off and the only reason it hadn't spilled out was because the bottom of the broth had become SOLID! I begged them to empty the isle out and clean under the isle from the broth leaking but they didn't and the smell remained for weeks. I had to get another worker to remove it because it made me so sick. I've also watched other employees "accidentally" cut open candy or chips with their box cutters and then eat some and then stock it for a customer to buy! I found a loaf of bread that the bag had been cut sometime before it arrived in the store that was making the loaf rot and I gave it to a coworker to throw away and later found it stocked on the shelf.

Please inspect ALL of your food if you buy from there BEFORE purchasing. Also, when it comes to electronics check to see if the boxes are crumpled. My *** manager dropped a pallet of a dozen flat screen plasma T.V.s, hard and knocked another T.V. off a shelf, then just stocked them and walked away. When buying things that have multiple parts, if it looks like it's been tampered with, check to make sure all of the parts are still there as I seen employees steal things out of the boxes.

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Honestly, I think the reason they had a hard time dealing with you is because you're crazy. Yes, Target can be a little "clique-y", but so can a lot of other jobs. Just because your sorry psycho butt couldn't get along with other people does it mean that Target is a bad place to work.

Also, you screaming and yelling and threatening to sue the company makes it pretty clear to me that you are unstable. If your arm started feeling even a little "squished", why wouldn't you take it out before they were both pushing so hard it wouldn't move.

Sounds to me like you're one of those whiney old ladies that comes in thinking she'll be all that, and has her dreams crushed. In fact, at my store we had a woman who behaved JUST like you. We TRIED to get her to quit because she was rude, unproductive, and always had excuses for not doing something.

I love working at Target and while the environment can be competitive, keep in mind that they promote upward mobility. Those managers are competing against each other for better jobs. It's cliquey because a lot of us work there full time. It's not hard to "get in" with those people, you just need to up your dose of crazy pills!

Target is the worst place I have ever shopped. They do not even know the definition of customer service. They will embarass and humiliate you if you have a problem with your purchase, and if you do, you are stuck with that purchase because Target will not stand behind any of its products.
I have learned the lesson of inspecting packages BEFORE you purchase them. I hope to never, ever shop there again, but should that travisty ever happen again, I assure you that every product that I pick up will be thoroughly inspected in the middle of the aisle before they get my money.
When I had my problem with Target, they actually blamed me because I did not open boxes and inspect them to be sure that the inside contents matched the outside ones (cutlery). THIS WAS ACTUALLY WHAT THE CORPORATE OFFICES TOLD ME TO DO IF I EXPECTED TO GET MATCHING PIECES. Since this is their method of ensuring purchases, so be it. Now I instruct everyone I possibly can to open any and every package they may wish to purchase before they check out, and I let them know that Target's corporate office instructed me to do so in the future. :upset
The best way to change a system is to work within that system. :p :p :p

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