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I went into a local Target store to purchase "Back to School" supplies for my children. We spent 1 1/2 hours in the store searching for the items on the lists.

The school supplies are located in 2 different sections of the store and was hard to locate everything, as there was no organization. Not to mention that they were out of stock on 6 items we needed.

When I was in the check out line (there were only 2 open) the cashier leaned over and whispered "please go to the other line." No big deal, thought maybe her shift was over and she forgot to turn her light off.

That was not the case She rang up 7 other customers while I was waiting in the other line to cash out. Apparently she did not want to ring up the large list of items I was purchasing. She was still there "working" when I left the store.

I went to the customer service desk and asked to speak to the manager. She pointed and said "the manager is over in front of Starbucks",turned around, and started talking to another employee.

Ok, so I walk over to Marty the "manager". I calmly explained how I was inconvenienced by having to wait longer. He said (and I am quoting his exact words) "Aw man, I don't have any free coupons" and "I will let the BIG Bosses know."

I thought I was talking to someone in charge. I told him not to bother, that I would let "them" know.

What happened to people actually listening and improving their customer service? Are companies making so much money that they do not need my business? I am not looking to get something for free. But I am looking for a Wal-Mart.

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Cashier.

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Wow. Where did that come from?

Not what happened. Who really wrote this? Target employee?

The "manager" at Target? Marty is that you?

Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #31097

While your children go back to school perhaps you should too, like going back to preschool and learning basic life skills such as fair play, treating people with respect ect.

Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #31095

I bet the "mother" was too busy telling people how to do their job that her children were running around taking things off of shelves. I bet she demanded free coupons from the manager and threw a temper tantrum when she did not get anything.

You are looking for free things. You must have good "parenting" skills.

Good thing you don't home school your children at least they have teachers for better role models of how to act adult. Yes you really handled this in a "mature" way.

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