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I was in the mood to buy a magazine. I looked at the magazine's they had magazines for cooking, they had magazines for fashion, game magazines, sports magazines, well you get the picture, they had every kind of magazine available, or so I I thought.

What I was in the mood for was a playboy magazine. They did not have any. Not wanting people to know how desperate I was I quietly asked if they had playboy magazines in stock. The employee could not hear me so I had to say it louder which caught the attention of a young child and a old lady.

The old lady looked at me in disgust. The young child (a male about 11 years old) kept saying "playboy boobies" and laughing while staring at me.

Needless to say despite my embarrassment they said they did not carry the magazine since this is a family friendly store. I am a 21 year old man and I need magazine to cater to my needs.

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My fun now:

Have you heard anything from IHateStupidCustomers or JediKnightEthan yet? :grin

You sound so similiar; I'm sure you have a lot in common!


My fun now:

Contact IHatePissedConsumers and Jedi KnightEthan! :grin

They sound JUST like YOU!! :p :p


this complaint is a joke, right?

Unhost', Stredocesky Kraj, Czech Republic #446211

Really? Like it or not, Target does not carry merchandise that is offensive to their customer base.

That includes magazines that are demeaning to women. Just buy your crappy magazine somewhere else and get over it.

Kirbyville, Texas, United States #433977

Well if you had spent full price for the boxes of Chocolates in your other review you would not need playboy to get a hardon.

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