I attempted to purchase 15 cans of Caesar dog food. I had a Target Q $3/15, plus 7 BOGO manufacturer Q's.

The manufacturer Q's did not say "Can only use 4 like Q's". The cashier told me I could only use four. I explained that these were not that type of coupon. Instead of holding up the line, I went to customer service.

The agent stated, "I don't know anything about coupons?" Really and you are customer service.

Needless to say, I left the items in the cart (along with numerous other purchases), went across the street to Publix and had "NO PROBLEM!" Target you will not be seeing me or my money anytime soon. Train your cashiers on your coupon policy.

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It's Target's new policy because people like to cheat the system. People will purchase 20 sticks of deodorant and try to use as many buy one get one free coupons until they are only paying tax.

They will then return it at another store and get cash for their coupons. I have been a cashier when this has happened and it's *** ridiculous.

It is stealing. It sucks for you because you seem like you are trying to legit save money but blame the people who are thieves and think we don't know better.

to Anonymous #640808

And remember:

Target's policy is to treat every customer as a thief when they walk through the doors, whether they try to purchase an item or not!!!

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