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I took 2 items to the customer service desk to be exchanged and was told that they couldn't do it without a gift receipt because the items were over 20$.There is record that they were purchased off my registry but still no help from customer service, nor the store manager.

Was basically told I would have to eat the approx. 60$. Was also told be associate that I could probably exchange at Walmart???!!! I called the 800 number given to me by the store manager and got the same run around, was told that his manager was unavailable, and no , he couldn't give me the name of the "unavailable" manager and no, they couldn't call me back.

I'd have to call back, and no, he isn't sure if the manager would be available then either.


Monetary Loss: $60.


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Wow only two of these comments actually helped me.To the other who posted useless stuff, please get off of comments like this open your eyes and read.

Also just because the worker was 18 does not mean anything, I have came across many different people like that at many different ages so I believe it is unfair to make a statement of a little 18 year old. The time when I was eighteen I had been working for two years and very experienced in my job.

People makes mistakes, just because a few people had a bad experiences does not mean I will not try it.One does not have to have one register and stick with it


You will be happy to learn that Tasha is alive and well. She is a grown woman and keeps her job by regurgitating old complaints. She now posts under the nomenclature, "a".


It is not targets fault that the gift giver did not include a gift reciept. Blame the giver.


I had to return something from my registry as well.I didnt have a gift reciept so the associate pulled up my registry.Based on the fact that it showed as purchased they were able to give me a store credit.I would try going to a different target store and seeing if they can help.As for the rest of the comments of this page.You do not have to respect someones opinion but you so have to respect that they have a right to an opinon.Just because you dissagree with somone does not give you the right to say some of the very rude things that have been said here.


I've had nothing but amazing experiences with my Target registry.I had a few problems registering with Babies R Us, but Target was a breeze.

I'll DEFINITELY use it again if I have the chance.:)


I am so mad.After two long months of perfecting the art of gift registry.I go online and I have nothing removed and the total registered items is like different every time I log on.

WTF!!! I can only imagine how much fun it is going to be if I have to return something.

I will never use them again!!!!:sigh


I just bought wedding gift registry items with cash.Got gift receipts for the person and was shocked to read the gift receipt said they could only return for store credit!

Why would that be? I paid cash and they may just want to return the item if someone bought an identical one elsewhere.

I now give the gift receipt but tell the bride if she needs to return for cash I will keep receipt and will gladly bring it in for her.(mom's too for baby registry)

Baffles me....


well TASHA my post says 18.((eight-teen))

I didnt work for guest service.

I was one of the corporate phone operators.

But because the company wasnt what i expected i quit after a year.Now i work at the Marriott Corporate offices.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #195568

Why did you not log out yourself, and since when does Target hire eight year olds. You should have logged out before helping your friend, especially if you know how their system works.


Ladies..I know how you all feel.

Not only am I an angry customer. But an angry team member. I helped my best friend register there for her baby shower and after we scanned 78 baby items i go to guest service where a little 18 year old tells me i added 78 things to someones wedding registry. She forgot to Log out the prev.

time. It was ridiculous.

If you ever receive the wrong change from a cashier, be ready to wait up to three days just to get $10!!They love to steal your money but swear everyone steals theirs...

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