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Purchased on-line using pay pal with promise of full refund for any reason. Returned to local store to find this is untrue.

I was issued a gift card for >100- and not refunded my money. target is holding my money hostage and forcing me to spend it at target. I find this deceptive and unethical. If I'd known the risk of loosing my money I would have never made the purchase.

Don't shop Target. Don't use Pay Pal if you are *** and do buy on line.

I am very dissatisfied and very frustrated. I could certainly use my money (that target is holding) to buy something useful.

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Gift Card.

Monetary Loss: $125.

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You could use the gift card to purchase other gift cards like subway, applebees, or red lobster! (if they offer them)


Good luck getting that money back, Debra. If you do, you will be the first to post such a report on line.

Target sucks and they are horrible with your money.

Good luck anyway. I hope you beat them at their own game.


I just had the exact same experience last night! Target is a crook - Target is deceptive and unethical. If Id known the risk of loosing my money I would have never made the purchase.

Target - come on! If you've pissed off this many consumers, why don't you make it simple and STOP offering Pay Pal for your purchasing. That would make sense using logic and reason. That is, of course, unless you want to trick your consumers and hold their money hostage.

Shame on Target!


Target takes your money and that's the end of t he transaction withthem. They will never give you cash back.

Target is terrible. you will never see your money again!

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