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I made a purchase on 1/17/11. On 1/19/11 I returned the item with the receipt.

I have never received my credit. I have called several times, I went into the store and the "manager" filled out some form. It has been over a week and still no refund. It is only $24.86, so it's not that much.

When I call there, the "manager" is not in. It is always her day off--no matter which day I call. Target will lose alot more business than that, I will not shop there again.

I will go to Walmart or Kmart, at least there I might get some customer service.

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You're so ***. If you own a business and it's just 25$, why don't you invest a bit more time in your work than calling Target everyday for a week.

You might have made more money working than complaining to people who just really don't care. I wouldn't want to deal with you either, they deal with people like you all day, you know?

I'd cringed hearing your annoying voice all day too. :]


I work for target. This is an unusual situation your credit should have been received in about 48 hours.

If not File a dispute with your card company, this is the new way we are handling return errors. I have called corp about this before and they say the error usually happens in the transaction between the card company and us. So filling a dispute will clear the issue up right a way.

I certainly hope targetshoppersSUCK's etl is dealing with his bad attitude.He was right in one reguard we are not able to handle this at the store level. So please call the card company this should be resolved quickly


You do deserve your credit. I have always liked Target but after getting harassed over an even exchange last night, I am no longer in that group.

I hate Wal-Mart too, but I'll be taking my business there from now on. I hope you end up getting your refund.


nerdinigler, I have not called them 24/7 or harrassed them in any way. If you read my post this has been going on over a 7 week period. It is not the matter of $25--it is the principle that I had the receipt, I made the return and I am entitled to my credit.


To targetshopperssuck, if you hate your job so much you should find another job. it is employees like you with such bad attitudes that makes Target's customer service SUCK.

I am a business owner, in the customer service industry and an happy that my employees don't have your attitude. I did contact my credit card company and the told me I had to go back to the store since I had both receipts.

You really need to remember the #1 rule of customer service--The customer is always right and that one happy customer tells NO ONE, one unhappy customer tells EVERYONE!! I am a person of high principles and you don't have to worry about seeing me in another Target!

I work at Target and people like you are the reason I hate my job besides the fact the company sucks. But do all us Target people a favor and take your business somewhere else so we dont have to deal with your *** anymore, im sure walmart will give great customer service.

Half the time you people come up to guest service throw a fit like a f****** five year old tell us "I AM NEVER SHOPPING HERE AGAIN!!!!!" then walk out the door, turn around, go into the store and go shopping. It makes you looks like an a** and didn't get you any futher, and guess what you still gave us your business anyway.

Call the credit card company and complain to them it isn't a store level issue, then get over yourself and never shop at Target again PLEASE! They will do just fine with out your business :(

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