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I bought my daughter a baby gift in a Target store instead of ordering the stroller she wanted on her baby registry . The stroller was online.

She returned the stroller with the gift receipt and tried to order the stroller on line and she was unable to use the gift card. She can only use the card in a store. She is unable to get the stroller she registered for using the money That was intended for the stroller.

I contacted corporate office and was told there was nothing they would do. Do I am out $379.00, no stroller and Target is laughing.

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Gift Card.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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Same here. Extremely frustrated right now.


Wow, you really *** up. That is NOT how gift registries work.


What is a baby register?

to Anonymous #1466051

A special register for scanning babies to make sure the customer hasn't stolen that baby. Our stores are now over-run with babies, so this is a safe way to handle this huge problem.

to Anonymous #1531203

It is when pregnant immigrants sneak over over southern border to have their baby, and they register it and it is an american citizen same as anyone else born into the united states. then, even if they get deported, their child is an american citizen for the rest of it's life. it is a baby register.


Why isn't your title "Don't set up a baby registry."? The problem isn't that it is a Target registry.

The problem is people that don't use the registry as intended. Gift registries are intended to let people know what gifts are wanted. It's when people purchase products not included on the register that problems begin. Now the recipient has to try and return the unwanted gifts.

Various return policies will have to be worked around and this isn't the pleasant situation a gift is meant to bring. Do everyone a favor and when you purchase an item off a registry, purchase the item specified, not something similar.

The recipient may have a reason for selecting the item they chose. Make them happy and purchase what the actually want.


I'm sure you find a way to spend the store credit. There are plenty of things a new mother can use there so you are not out $379. You wouldn't have had this problem if you had purchased the stroller she wanted in the first place.

to Anonymous #1451251

Very Harsh. I agree I should have purchased the online item however I was on a time restraint and wanted her to open a gift.

I am sorry but $379 is a lot of money to (just spend at Target) buying the stroller on line now puts be out over $600. Like I said Target is laughing

to Anonymous #1452098

Since you were on a time restraint, do not wait until it is too late to buy the item.Buy it earlier.

to Anonymous #1452698

Were you really thinking of your daughter when you purchased a gift she didn't want? Sure it made you look good at a baby shower to be giving her a nice stroller, but was it in her best interest?

No, you were only thinking of yourself. You put your daughter, who is busy enough with a new child in the position of having to go through the hassles of returning a gift she didn't want to get the item that you knew she wanted.

In the future rather than purchasing something other than what the recipient wanted give them a card with cash in it. It will make you look good and the recipient will be able to get what they actually want.

to Anonymous #1466054

Baby items are really expensive. So spending that $379 won't be a problem. Give the card to your daughter to spend on your new grandchild.

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