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After being pressured to open a red card account with Target...after giving it to me on the spot when I tried to use it a second time they said they wanted me to go to UPS and fax over additional documents ...when I decided to close it out they refused to let me close it without faxing over these documents security card...and drivers license....they refused to get me a superviser when I asked for help so they effectively are getting people to open the account with just their drivers license in the if the whole thing would be easy and then creating a whole me this is getting you to take a product under false information...apparently it's listed in the small print...and then they have no one to help you with complaints when you ask for a card is going to be cut up when it comes and even though that won't close the account...I'll just never be shopping in Target again....DO NOT get a red card...

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Redcard Debit Card.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Allow me to close the red card account without faxing documents..I've paid it off and have been a solid target customer and will now never shop there again .

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If someone hands you a credit application and you consider yourself pressured, good God, what are you going to do when a real situation comes up?


You can certainly say no to any credit card that is offered at any store. Cashiers are just told to offer you one because simply that is what they are told to do.

So no one "pressured you", you were asked and you said yes. Provided information and got a card.


"After being pressured to open a red card account with Target"

To be taken seriously, please never start any comment or complaint like that. Every store tries to get you to sign up for their promos/cards/etc.

Say "no" and move on. If you are too delicate to handle that, just have someone else shop for you.

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