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I was shopping at target last night and as I was walking out, a man proceeded to assault two women in the parking lot. As I started to walk towards them and yell for him to stop it, the man started to walk in to the store calmly and proceed with his shopping.

One of the women walked in to the store and called for help of the associates, a manager arrived and said that it is their policy not to get involved. The police was called, complaint was filed. Target's polysy is not to get involved in insuring their customers safety!

So be aware customers, if you are getting mugged, raped, assaulted or murdered in the parking lot of the target, do not bother to call for help because your safety is not their concern. I would not be surprised if they just stand there and watch.

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Now Target are the police too? What did you want them to do? Christ, get a grip lady.


No, actually, the assaulted woman called the police, target refused to do that much.


Target employees are not trained to diffuse situations and apprehend people, that is what the police is for. Target handled the situation perfectly, called the police and distanced from the situation.

Were you willing to apprehend the man? Essentially you are asking that equally uninvolved people put their safety at risk to do something you would not do yourself.


So let's say your son or daughter works for Target...there's a couple in the parking lot having a domestic you want Target's policy to get in the middle of it? Doubt it.

Target is a retail chain, not a police dept.


Loser! What is wrong with target. Fu target


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