Do not buy wine or Alcohol at Target stores! They will grab your Driver license and swipe it into their system under the guise of "carding" you even if you are 60 and all that information is open to be sold by anyone in the company who has access.

It is not even legal. This was in Encinitas California and when I told them the problem with it they became very testy. Sort of "We are always right and you should do as we say" attitude.

Very krappy and I will never go back. don't shop at Target and for sure do not buy wine.

Monetary Loss: $7.

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Target only needs your age , not the other info available on and via your license.


You are not a free person then. You will comply to anything.


You people are absolute *** retards, you get carded for any type of product containing alcohol, it is the law. You even get carded for going into sex shops like facinations, etc.

Grow up, or shut up.

to Anonymous #1599412

No it’s not


As a former Target cashier, just ask them to only put in the birth date and not scan it. The system should allow the sale to go through without having to swipe or scan your I.D.

I did alcohol sales all the time without ever having to scan the I.D

However, if you want a tax exemption then the cashiers are REQUIRED to scan the I.D there's no other way around it.

I've also got to say I only worked there for about 4 months before I quit I didn't like the company and thought it was pretty shady myself.

I don't recommend working for target they don't pay you *** for what you put up with. Peace.

to Anonymous #1485870

I have had many a target cashier force me to take my license out even if I had to struggle for a few minutes to get it out of a very tight fitting wallet. They insisted they must scan it.

Maybe different stores have their own policy, but all but one Target that I have been to, have told me they must scan the license. I asked one time what do they do if someone has a passport that they can't slide, the cashier told me then they have to wait for the manager to come and okay the sale.


You can ask them to not swipe it, and they will just look and input the birthday. I used to work at Target and get yelled at about it all of the time (like I could actually change company policy because some crotchety person yells at me).

to Anonymous #1092345

Those that yell at you for something that is not your fault, are they even old enough to purchase alcohol? I mean this is behavior you would expect from a two year old, not someone old enough to purchase alcohol.

to Anonymous Markham, Ontario, Canada #1291226

Not to mention the spelling, I would expect someone that is old enough to drive, to know how to spell crappy.

to Anonymous #1485873

CA state law is such that if a person looks under 30, then you must card them. Target's policy is much different than state law, and just a couple weeks ago they refused to sell alcohol to me (I am in my fifties) because I didn't have a license to scan (it was lost and I was waiting for the replacement).

A reasonable policy would be that if the person is old and gray haired you could reasonably assume that they were older than 21.

I had to have my 24 year old son come and buy the alcohol for me. It is a retarded policy.

Los Angeles, California, United States #912558

Paranoid ***


People who are always right aren't minimum wage cashiers at Target.


I doubt that you are old enough to drink anyways, and were upset and scared to show your ID because you did not have ID or had fake ID. One who is old enough to drink would know how to spell better.

As a matter of fact I am wondering if you are even old enough to drive with spelling and grammar like that. Or perhaps like our British friend you are alcoholic and drinking killed your brain cells, either way denying you alcohol is a benefit for you.

to Anonymous Orange, California, United States #932524

A lot or people on this site are not old enough to drink. The OP is just angry that that he stole his grandfather's ID and did not get to buy wine. I mean come on yeah people say your grandson looks a lot like you however the size gave it away.

to Anonymous #1599413

The pot calling the kettle black.


*** target! Im going to smear *** on their toilet seats then leave a grocery cart full of items overflowing so someone has to put them all away and clean *** in the bathroom ill urinate on the floor too so that it reeks why they're cleaning. One target at a time , we should all do this

to I***allovertarget #932316

*** you dude I'm the guy that has to clean your nasty *** just because 1 person wronged you doesn't mean you have to take it out on some dude who you've never seen in your life, people like you are the base of ignorance

to Anonymous #1599415

You might be surprised to know this since you live a very egocentric life, but it has nothing to do with you. The target is the company that employs you, Target.

to I***allovertarget San Jose, California, United States #997340

Yeah, it's people like you who shoot up a random police officer because some cop ten states away did something to someone slightly similar to you in some way. You deserve to be carded if you obviously can't act your age.

to I***allovertarget Danville, California, United States #1277341

Not gonna lie, your user name is hilarious haha. But if you're being serious then that's pretty immature dude.

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