Buyer Beware! RE Room Essentials - Clear Globe Lights Online Item #12958843, Item No: 009-11-0805

This item needs to be recalled and taken off shelves. There is not a replacement bulb available in the USA. I spent 1 hour with two people in total at Target in some far and away land, only to hear a script; and the only solution was to take down the string of lights I just put up and return (6 in total). These lights were brand new and had defective bulbs. I went to the store to get replacement bulbs only to find out there are none. This is unacceptable! Home Depot has the same lights under a different name, they need to follow suit!


Monetary Loss: $12.

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Irvine, California, United States #1183882

Strange. I have 6 strings...not one broken...

all hanging in my yard for the last several weeks... I haven't had to find replacements but I recall seeing boxes of replacements at target...

San Jose, California, United States #857700

Target sells replacements in a two pack. Lowes and Home Depot also sell these bulbs.

But the more economical way is to just buy another string of lights just for the bulbs.

The two pack was $2.99 ($1.49 per bulb), where as buying the whole string is $12.99 ($0.51 per bulb).


ummmm if you were going to buy extra bulbs anway why not just buy an extra strand and when the lights blow replace them with the extras of the strand?????? they are 12$ for 20 ish bulbs, but i agree when things dont work well its annoying, target should be comping you the free strand.



Return your lights and

GO TO HOME DEPOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Not too sure about the acting like a baby part - you're on your own for that one!)

Cumming, Georgia, United States #623420

So return your lights and go to Home Depot instead of acting like a baby

Naples, Florida, United States #617330

If HD has the SAME lights under a different name, do you think they will have the same replacement bulbs available in the US? ***.

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