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I had a HORRIBLE experience with the telephone "customer service" department. The person I spoke with would not resolve my issue. Actually, he would not stop talking long enough to let me tell him what my issue was. He continually interrupted me and continued talking over me. When I asked to speak with a supervisor, he told me he has no supervisor with whom I may speak and there is no procedure by which I may escalate my issue. When I asked repeatedly to ask to a supervisor, he continually spoke over me repeating the same script and then hung up. This is from a purported "customer service supervisor." That treatment of a customer was shameful. This guy was borderline verbally abusive.

This does not even address my issue.

My issue is that I paid extra for express delivery of an item. I have an email acknowledgement of my order reflecting this. Days later, I received a notice indicating that the delivery date would not be honored. In tracking my order in their system, it appears that TARGET failed to enter the order timely. I say this because the order data appearing in their system is LATER than the date on the email I received from Target acknowledging placement of my order. Target messed up and now the order is late. And the “customer service” supervisor says it is impossible for Target to make it right. There is no possible procedure that can be done to get an item that is in their possession onto a truck that is under their control to honor a date that they promised, for which they received extra money from me to meet. It is impossible. He can't do it.

I don't believe that. I think the proper word is "won't" not "can't."

This is a common item. I could have bought it anywhere. In fact, I did start buying it elsewhere. I purchased it from Target instead solely because of the promised delivery date, for which I paid EXTRA. And now they won't deliver.

I have been a long-term customer of Target and have spent many thousands of dollars there over the years. They had a lot of business and customer goodwill from me. Both of those things are irreparably broken now. Because of the disrespect shown to me, I will NEVER shop Target again. Believe me, there are plenty of alternatives.

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $70.

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and walmart will be happy to have another shriveled up disgruntled customer

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