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The Target in McKinney Texas has one of the worst retail managers it has ever been my displeasure to meet. I wish I had gotten his name. The first time I had to deal with him was after a customer in line was having a problem with coupons, the line behind them building up. There was a guy in front of me who had been waiting for about 15 minutes, when they finally sent an associate to open a new line. He started taking from the back of the line, so the people who had been waiting the longest still had to wait. When the manager finally arrived to help with the coupon, I spoke with him and was basically told "so what?".

The second time my wife had been told by a neighbor that the cashier at this Target had given her 10% off her purchase as an apology for the credit card number theft debacle that happened in Nov-Dec. This manager accused my wife of being manipulative and fought with her over what amounted to a less than $5 discount. He claimed "I'm not authorized to make that discount" When my wife asked to speak to the manager above him he said we was the highest level manager there. So you expect me to believe that the highest level manager available in a store the size of Target can't make a customer happy over $5?


Product or Service Mentioned: Target Coupon.

Monetary Loss: $5.

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Ashburn, Virginia, United States #765360

Target is full of rude people. They have forgotten who is paying who.

to Anonymous Denver, Colorado, United States #775930

lets think of something new to say

Charlotte, North Carolina, United States #765119

What's wrong with you two idiots? The credit card theft was a MAJOR mistake and Target SHOULD be offering the victims some discounts.

Oh, and when a new line opens up, you let the people who have been waiting the LONGEST in line go first. Seriously, pathetic.

Honaker, Virginia, United States #764241

So your wife threw a temper tantrum over a $5 discount. They are not required to give every unhappy customer a discount, and judging from your wife's attitude I wonder if she is even old enough to be married.

They cannot make everyone happy, especially with a demanding woman such as your wife. How do you even put up with her. Feel bad for you.

Trust me you won't have a happy marriage with her. Right now you are feeling love but that only lasts so long until you find out what a stingy b**ch your wife is.

to Anonymous Ashburn, Virginia, United States #765361

Who is paying who? How convenient to forget such an important fact. You must be one of those women haters just looking for an opportunity to slam out some more sexist trash.

to Anonymous #765369

He is not a woman hater.(assuming this is a man that wrote this). Also it seems that you have a grudge against Target, possibly because they did not change the rules just for you.

The wife was acting rudely and he/she is calling her out for it.

Also it is the company that pays the employees not the customers. Losing your business is not going to hurt them.


Anytime I have been waiting in line and a new check out opens, it is natural for the people at the back of the line to go to the newly opened register. It is just less awkward to to it that way.

How would you have got to the new checkout without jostling and bumping into the people in back of you? Maybe you shouldn't believe what he said, but I also don't believe that the manager fought with your wife. They might have had a verbal altercation.

The way I understand the discount that Target has been offering as an apology for credit/debit card debacle is that it is only for people that have been affected. I might be wrong on that, but that is the way I took it.

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