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I recently made a baby registry at target. When I inquired about creating a registry I was told that I would get a free gift bag as a thank you.

I thought this was such a nice thing for target to do. However, after I returned after I finished adding my items I was first ignored and then rudely shooed off by an employee. I asked for my gift bag and then the disgusting employee looked me up and down and said “yeah... we’re out”.

When I said “but I was just here and they told me they had them in and I’d get one after I was done” they employee said “we’re always going to be out of them” and then proceeded to talk *** about me to the employee next to her right in front of my face. She said “soo annoying. it’s like these military people call all their friends and tell them we have the gift bags in just so they can come in and take free stuff. gross”.

I just walked away and didn’t mention it to my husband because I was furious that she could be so petty and offensive to a customer. I’m a military spouse pregnant with my first child. We literally just moved to the area on my husbands military orders and I have no friends in this area. So no I didn’t get a call from my “friends” telling me the gift bags were in.

I genuinely wanted to create a baby registry for my little miracle at a place I love to shop. it’s pathetic that an employee would make that kind of an assumption about a customer and be so dang nasty to someone. I really wish I hadn’t been so embarrassed and stood up for myself.

I was starting to tear up and I didn’t want my husband to know what she had said because he would have called a manager and I didn’t want to end up crying in public so I just walked away. I really hope someone realizes these employees are a problem.

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I have to agree with the last comment. If you don't talk to a manager, this person will just do this to someone else and continue to get away with it.

Target doesn't read this site, it's for other consumers. I am so sorry you had to go through this, but next time please make sure you speak with a manager so it doesn't happen again.


The only way to stop this is to stand up to these people. You should have asked to talk to the manager.

Management can't stop a problem they don't know about. A post like this doesn't help solve the problem. No one knows what Target store it was. Even if they did, how are they going to determine what employee was involved.

If you really want someone to know there are problems with their employees you need to say something at the time it happens. That way they know who was involved and can talk to them while the incident is fresh in their mind.

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