I am a weekly shopper at target been shopping there since they opened up. The last time I have shopped at brides burg target was two week ago shopping.

I went to the register and checked out, as I was exiting the store, the officer stopped me and ask to see my receipt. I was extremely mad. I asked him if this was new, he replied this is policy. I said I have been shopping here since this store opened up and no office or employee stopped me and ask to see my receipt.

I then asked him why didn't he checked the customers receipt before me he then gave me back my receipt and walked away without saying a word. He was a black officer and the customers in front of me was black and just walked out without showing her receipt. He targeted me because I was white. The worst part of this I have contacted Target headquarters and they were supposed to get back to me by email, and didn't.

They were supposed to do an investigation to make sure this officer wasn't just asking white customers for their receipt he was asking all customers. I called target and they don't have record of my complaint.How convenient? A white woman called about a black officer asking for just her receipt. I guess he was doing his job!

My question is, if the roles were reversed, would something happen? Would they investigate this claim if a black woman called?

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Las Animas, Colorado, United States #659851

Actually they likely checked your receipt because of the purchase. Was it too big for a bag?

Was it expensive? Did you check out ridiculously quickly?

Hey I've worked for Target for 3 years, we do randomly check receipts especially if the guest is not using a bag. It sounds to me like you just have a bad case of whiny ***.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #659557

It sounds like you are a revers racist. Did it occur to you that maybe they do this randomly? But no, you were picked because you were white, and you got offended.

to anonymous #659565

Actually I am not a racist. You say randomly really I have been shopping there for years and this just happened, Please!

Yea I am offended, whats your point. I have biracial children,so far from a racist, I teach my children all people regardless of color are alike. You don't know me to say anything like that.

But I respect your opinion. But what I wrote is what happened, and how I felt.

to anonymous #672212

Sioux Falls, you are tiresome. And there is no such thing as "reverse racism." It's just racism. I don't blame this person for feeling "profiled." That's what it would be considered if she'd been black and it was a white security guard.

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