I was working on the remodel team I had a problem with the person who was over our shift and filed a complaint with corporate over it. When it came to deciding who got to stay on permanent and who didn't I was let go.

I am 53 years old there was another person over 50 let go also, as were 2 or 3 others. They kept one's that started after we did and also missed a lot of work. Also I was not given my last check on my last day. Target is a JOKE I will NEVER SHOP in that store agaim.

I have filed a complaint against them with labor relations. Also buyer beware buying food they don't rotate their product plus their store is FILTHY dust on top of baby food so thick you can write in it......TARGET SUCKS!!!!

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Milton, Florida, United States #632182

I haven't experienced a remodel at Target but I have experienced Target and a remodel at a different company. First of all, they take advantage of the remodel position because they can easily let you go if they want to.

As for Target's hiring practices, I don't understand them whatsoever. They hire people for a position that requires lifting 40lbs who can't even lift 10lbs. There are plenty of positions to work people into that are fitting for them so they can't be sued for refusing a position that someone is unable to perform. We had the same people ALWAYS calling out, going home early, starting trouble with people, not working, and they would let them get away with it while riding those who work hard.

I have had my life threatened by crazy Target employees. I've had management retaliate against me.

I have texts from a member of management going back 2 years of inappropraite stuff & pictures. There is just no morals in that place.

Los Angeles, California, United States #629539

I have been to this target a ton of times and I have seen plenty of people over 50 who work there and have worked there for years, so you must just suck if they got rid you. Gotta love people who look into lawful action when they just don't make the cut.

You were hired seasonally, you were fired seasonally...get over it.


Tough stuff - being fired from ?Target?

That must be a really sucky job!

Cumming, Georgia, United States #623416

Let me see if I get this straight. You filed a complaint with Corp.

against your supervisor and are shocked you were let go. Welcome to the real world. Nobody cares about you. To them you were a trouble maker so to secure your supervisor's job they got rid of a troublemaker.

That happens in business all the time.

That is why I do my job and leave at the end of my shift and I do not make waves. Learn that our you will be fired at any job you get.

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