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My wife and myself along with our 4 year old son, went to Target and we were discriminated by the cashier because we were going to use our EBT as our method of paying for our items. I am African American mixed with Sicillian, my wife is of Hispanic origin, and our son is mixed.

The cashier blaintly told me: "oh, your going to pay with that?". I asked her is there a problem with that ma'am? she stated: "Only your kind pays with the type of card your going to pay with"! We called Target and spoke with the LOD and explained to him what had happened, and he didn't want to give out his name, and if that was the reason we were calling, then to stop calling, because "our life is so ghetto and we are just miserable".

He then hung up on us, and we finally got his name...Kenny! We called Target Corporation, and they seemed like they didn't care, like it didn't mean anything for their employees to discriminate when ever they felt like it. Guest Relations transferred us to Malcom, in which we explained everything to him on what had happened, and he said he would get back to us and speak with the Manager of the Target where the incident occurred, and would call us back...He never called us back, the manager Kristin of that location called us back and stated to us, "well their is nothing that I can personally do...But please come back to my store and spend money"! We were humiliated and embarrassed because of this situation, and it seems like Target has no moral ethics, nor business ethics.

For Target to allow it's employees to discriminate customers, it's not ok and it shows they lack in Customer Service.

I guess Target is being well-known for discrimination because it not only discriminates customers but also certain employees of certain origins.

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Hey at least she works, get a job. I agree saying your kind always pays with that card was wrong, but it is the truth, why not get a job instead of living off tax payers.

You have no right to complain. If you are too lazy to get a job you deserve to be humiliated and embarrassed. They overreacted, but they make minimum wage and they work long hours.

You probably make more than they do sitting at home jobless and doing nothing. If you live off tax payers and don't bother getting a job than you are the one with poor morals and ethics.

Geneva, Illinois, United States #689171

Isn't this world terrible?

Atlanta, Georgia, United States #686674

I agree with the employee 100 per cent. I resent you people sitting on your lazy you know what while I go to work and pay high taxes so you do not need to work.

However you look at it welfare is a handout. So go out and get a job and you will find out why working people feel the way they do.

to Anonymous #1143304

Excuse me? You have to be working to receive EBT. What an ignorant, classist comment.

to Anonymous #1143564

Get your facts straight, you don't have to be working to get EBT. Their comment is not ignorant, they have every right to be upset, especially if they work hard for their money and make minimum wage while these people get more than them for doing nothing.

Grand Prairie, Texas, United States #683296

People have to grow thicker skins. Expecting people to be politically correct all the time is just plain weird.

What the cashier said probably came out differently than what she actually meant.

You have to learn to take things with a grain of salt. The fact that you made a mountain out of a mole hill indicates that you like confrontations.

Columbia, South Carolina, United States #683177
You weren't discriminated against. Period.

You were the object of an employee's disdain, but you still paid for your stuff with my tax money, didn't you? What people think of others does not matter. If they had refused to sell you the stuff, perhaps you would have a case, but to be upset because someone told you what they think is just plain silly and you sound as if you have a large chip on your shoulder.

I think you need counseling for your aggressive behavior in stores. :eek
to nikalseyn Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States #696370

Nikalesyn: You are a piece of ***! Its not just YOUR tax money, its all of ours whom work!

You are not the only working person you SOB!!! And why the *** can't people fall on hard times?

Why assume he is a lazy person? You all are ignorant, and I'm ashamed to say that I have white skin due to people like you.

to FullOfLove #1143563

Yeah it is all of those that work that paid for his food, including Nikalseyn. They may not be the only working person, but if they work for their money and make less than someone who does not work they have every right to be angry.

Also how do you know Nikaesyh has white skin? I am sure Hispanic people and black people would be ashamed of people like the OP and his wife.

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