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Through persistence of being treated fairly.

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I received notice by my CC monitoring company that I had a hit on my credit report for late payments. Upon looking in to the matter I discovered my Target redcard payment was 35 days past due.

Logged in to My redcard account to find out they wanted a $144.00 payment immediately for late payment and fees associated. I immediately made the $144.00 payment and then called redcard to express my remorse for the late payment and asked if the $39.00 late fee could be reversed and if they could have the hit on my credit report removed. I was denied these requests on the basis of company policy that the account was over 30 days past due. The initial contact I made was through a redcard representative named Victoria who was rude, discourteous and unable to process my request on the basis of company policy.

I asked to speak with a higher up, she informed me she was a supervisor and again refused to budge on her position, I again asked for someone higher than her to speak with at which time she stated I would hear from someone within 24 hours. Approx. 7 hours later, I received a call from a RedCard Supervisor named Nadia, who did nothing but reinforce what the 1st person (Victoria) previously stated and refused to work with me. I was never late with any other payments, have a excellent credit history and was in total shock of the lack of empathy or the willingness to work with me on what was an accidental oversight.

What was more alarming was the way they made me feel as though I was someone who failed to live up to his responsibility, and the Supervisor, Nadia actually hung the phone up on me before the conversation was resolved to a mutual satisfaction not giving me another opportunity to finish my side of the story. Nadia stated my account was over 2 months past due with my last payment received in january however I made the $144.00 payment on March27th all to no avail as they had made up their minds they would play hardball with me and give little to no consideration of working with me.

I made the $144.00 payment, took a late payment hit on my credit history and was charged an additional $39.00 for late fees and they walked away feeling great abut the way they treated an excellent customer and consumer who made a 35 day honest oversight. Please help me!

Product or Service Mentioned: Td Bank Redcard Credit Card.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $39.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Way i was treated by redcard officials.

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Went through/am going through a very similar set of circumstances. I had paid off my card in August and had never used it again.

Come to find out that my teenagers were using it in online memberships long forgotten - which would not have been a issue - had a received a statement via email, a phone call, or a paper letter. I didn't. Searched my email high and low. (But my word means nothing to them.) What really chaps me is that the Fair Credit Act requires that a consumer be notified - and I wasn't - and they don't care.

Seems to me that Target is sinking and they are desperate. They reported me 30 days late for a $585 balance that I immediately paid off when I discovered it. Was I late? Yep!

BUT - they made no effort to reach out to me. That's the issue. And when I contacted them, they were horrible to me. The worst (really).

Now they will never have my business again. This seems like such a bad business model. I was a a cardholder for over 11 years, with a great track record and spent tens of thousands at Target over those years.

Now, it's all gone for them. Dumb, dumb, dumb.

In all honesty, not sure you have much of an argument. A day late?

Maybe a few days? OK, sure. Life happens. But 35 days?

That means you missed your first payment and then another payment.

It's too late for this circumstance, but I'd recommend setting up automatic payments to avoid this in the future. Makes life easier, and we can all agree that's a good thing :).
to offconsumerpissed #1308374

Missed one payment..the $144.00 payment was made within the 2nd billing cycle and immediately upon learning I was past due.....35 days late as result of interruption of mail service and statement not received. I prefer US Mail as my Monthly reminder.

My complaint is specific to the lack of professionalism, a fair, reasonable, individualized consumer treatment vs. broad based ...what transpired today created a pissed off consumer who feels that a person with a excellent credit history who has never missed a payment, always paid more than the minimum requested be treated more fairly.

In this situation, life happened but no one really cared and that's unfair to the reality I don't expect anything to come of it other than Target and I will discontinue our services to one another. Appreciate your comment and suggestion however with so many complaints lodged against Target it's trending.

to ScottySkins #1308394

Life happening does not entitle you to being waived of penalty. You're not looking at this at the other side of the board.

It is a) against policy, people could be FIRED for approving it b) if they let you through, what would they do against the 15 million people who say the same thing almost week in and week out?

It may suck, but to say that this wasn't fair is completely disingenuous on your part.


"How dare Customer Service not make special exceptions for me on the rules clearly spelled out on the information agreement they handed me when I signed up! Even though I was the one late on the payment, I feel entitled to demand they waive all penalties for my mistake!"

This post in a nutshell.

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