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I've shopped for years at Target and was so happy with the clothes and the quality until you "boutiqued" it to look upscale and took away Merona and Mossimo and replaced it with "high fashion" crap. At first I liked the boutique look, but I didn't realize what it meant: you had taken all the familiar, tried and true brands away and replaced it ALL with youth friendly high fashion.

Trying to find plain style solid color t-shirts, tunics and tops is impossible. Now it's all flimsy flowery junk that you'd freeze to death in in a Northwest winter. You took the best black leggings away - what the heck! Now it looks like a re-hash of the 70's with all the boho styles meant for 20 somethings.

I'm 59; however, the joke of it is my 23 year old fashion merchandising major daughter hates it too! Taking away "basics" is a BIG mistake.

I hope your sales plummet and you return to what made Target the best place to shop. You are not Saks Fifth Avenue, so please quit trying to be.

Reason of review: General marketing failure.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: How target is trying to be too upscale.

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I only ever bought Merona handbags. Now, I can't find another bag I like. No one makes them like Merona.


Agree with you to a degree. I, unfortunately, could never really find clothes that I cared for or fit me to begin with.

If you are bigger than the "average" person, the section is one rack. Wow, that's cutting edge

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