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This is what I wrote and emailed the CEO of Target & the Head of Customer Care: Dear Sirs, I experienced a situation last week that I would like to bring to your attention, and see if you could possibly help me. I went into my local Target to purchase a toaster over, and was quite surprised when the transaction was declined.

When I arrived home, the first thing I did was pull up my statement. I was even more amazed when I saw my balance was pretty much the same as it was the earlier part of this year. The next thing I noticed was a late fee of $38. So the next sensible thing to do is call customer to find out what is going on and if my account might have been violated.

You should know that I am a senior citizen on a fixed social security income that is in my bank account each month on the 3rd. I schedule all of my bills for payment on that date.

What I found out from my conversation with one of your associates is that my bill's due date was the 2nd (which I did know) and that even though I'm paying on the 3rd- it's considered late because there is no grace period (which I did not know, and never would have thought it was legal)

So, I have incurred a late charge for the past 9 months totaling approximately $369- which explains why there was no change to my balance - and with the finance charges, not much was applied to the principle.

Your associate (who was extremely helpful) was able to reverse 2 of those charges (for which I was thankful) and we moved the due date.

What I'm requesting from you is, possibly reversing all of those late charges that resulted as of a one day off due date payment and my lack of knowledge regarding your no grace period standards. With the change of the due date- it will not happen again.

In all of my years- I've never dealt with a company that didn't offer a grace period.)

Two weeks later, I rec'd a response that if summarized it says: sorry about your frustration, we comply with current consumer credit laws, nothing further we can do for you and as you requested, we changed your due date. As much as I love the Target store- This showed me who the people at the top are.

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Customer Care.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Monetary Loss: $300.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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First of all your account is not with Target but an independent bank. Second, why don't you look at your bills when you get them?

If you did, you would have noticed the late charges long ago and could have switched your due date earlier. A due date is a due date. Anything beyond that is late and incurs a charge and more than likely a hike in your interest rate as well.

It isn't the banks fault that you didn't read the terms of your account nor that you would assume there is a grace period which I have never seen on a credit account. Being a senior citizen you should be old enough to take responsibility for your own actions and not expect others to cover the costs of your disregard of the terms of your credit agreement.

to Anonymous #1584345

Who pays you to write these responses, Target?

to Anonymous #1584623

How do you Know that Target pays this poster to write responses?

to Anonymous #1584811

No one. I've just worked in retail for years (not Target) and am always amazed at customers who think they can do no wrong. Just trying to explain how things in the real world really work.

to Anonymous #1585828

I never implied that I didn't do anything wrong, and yes when those paperless statements arrived- I should have opened them entirely instead of just looking at the amount due in the email. Like I said, I've never dealt with companies that didn't offer a grace period- I've been very fortunate, and it just doesn't sound reasonable for a consumer.

I've paid mortgages, car notes, ins, and other credit card bills- but we're never too old to learn. I was merely requesting an extended courtesy for making payments less than 24 hours after they were due because that's when my funds were available. I was also trying to knock the bill out in preparation for the upcoming holidays. So when I finally did what I should have been doing all along- I found myself in the exact same place.

So mistakes- yes, but I also know that big companies (and sometime even smaller ones) can sometimes make exceptions on individual case by case basis as an act of courtesy.

Banks do it quite often. So now I know - Not the Target Corp That might explain why their staff never smiles

to Anonymous #1585463

What is the point of this comment... Who pays you to write these responses, Target?


Who does that type of research when an app is filled out at the register as a promotion- and like I said I've never dealt with any company that didn't offer some sort of a grace period.


Did you Read the information you were given regarding your Target credit card? Did you do Any research about whether or not there Is a grace period regarding receiving payment for your Target credit card?

to Anonymous #1582964

Who does research when an app is filled out at the register as a promotion- and like I said- in all of my years, I have not ever ran into this problem or knowingly dealt with a company that did not offer some amount of days grace before a late fee was applied

to Anonymous #1583079

You could have called the phone number on the application or on the back of the credit card to find out.

to Anonymous #1584815

You shouldn't agree to any contract you don't fully understand, and yes when you signed up for the account you acknowledged that you agreed to the terms of their account. Applying for credit at the checkout without reading the terms is never a good idea.

to Anonymous #1585464

And does the customer Have to Literally sign up and complete the application at that point, or can the customer take the application home and read it? I would have told the Target employee that I will Read the entire application Before completing it and signing it.

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