I am really disappointed and writing this hoping that someone of a higher authority at Target gets to read this and knows how Target is treating their customers.

I had placed an order on Nov 23 (Order # 10988683822) for a PS3 Bundle that I had bought as a gift for my brother.

I got an email on Dec 4th asking me to approve on the order with an updated delivery date because of some issues. The new Estimated Delivery Date Given Was: 12/21/2012 - 01/10/2013.

Since the evening of December 18th I have got three emails stating that my order has been cancelled by target.

I called up the customer care center on the evening of December 18th and after reaching a supervisor, I was informed that the order had been cancelled in error and it was a mistake by Target and gave me an estimated delivery date of Jan 1 2013. She gave me a ref ID (3-857289653) and said I would be receiving an email soon with updated order details (which I have not received and have got 2 emails stating cancellation since then).

After receiving more cancellation emails, On Dec 19th I spoke to Dalia (Supervisor), & she said the order is cancelled and nothing can be done to help. She also said someone provided the wrong information to you about the order being shipped and there is nothing in the notes. This shows how the customer service department has no clue on what is happening and are all talking different things.

Even when I was not charged on my amount, the trouble that I had to go through as a customer getting different answers from different people and Target did not have any other way to help accept apologize.

Target fails to understand the sentiments behind the customer purchasing the specific product. Such kind of a failure in customer service by a big organization like Target disappoints me.

I could have purchased the product from any other store and now that it has been over a month of Thanksgiving, I know I won’t even find a deal anywhere else. For all of this of a customer’s suffering, Target did not even have a courtesy to offer anything that would make up for not losing a disappointed customer.

After this experience, I don’t know if it matters to Target, but you have lost at least one customer for life.

Vinit Modi


Product or Service Mentioned: Target Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $285.

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Cumming, Georgia, United States #622901

You do not get compensated for disappointment. If you did I would be rich.

When you grow up you will discover that life is full of upsets and disappointments and you will have to deal with them. You had enough time before Christmas to go to a store and purchase what you wanted. If you could not find the same thing that buy something else.

You sound like a baby. If I can't have this I don't want anything.


Well, you might be right anonymous. It might not matter to Target today, or even tomorrow, or even a month from now, but it will matter when they lose half of their clientele.

Target keeps screwing their customers, and soon (sooner than later, I believe) when the Target corporate wizards start doing the math, it's not going to add up in their little minds - their lack of profits or their massive losses.

Target originally held itself out to be an improvement over the low-classed Wal-Mart, and the sad truth is that Target can/will not take care of its' customers, even though the much maligned "lower-classed" Wal-Mart will.

Target always has a run around, always an insult, always a contrary policy, and always figures out a way to cheat customers out of their hard earned money.

I have to laugh at Targets' business practices. They claim to be a store superior to Wal-Mart, yet Wal-Mart's customer care dances circles around Target.

I have come to like the way Target handles their business; they are running themselves out of the retail market. Their practices will leave them with no one to blame for their failure except themselves. It won't be anyone's fault but theirs!

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