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On 01/02/2019 around 1:15pm, I went to Target in Pacoima, CA after checking Target app on the items I wanted and it was showing in stock at that specific store and to visit the store to purchase. I went in and spoke to a team member, he checked his scanner and told me the items were in offsite storage so I need to go to customer services to order.

I then went to customer services and they checked their scanner and confirmed with the backroom that they had 7 in stock on one of the throw, 7 in stock on the other throw, 4 in stock on the set of 2 kitchen towels and 20 in stock on the 3ct EOS Lip balm. I told them I want them all and the customer service told me they will order it from the offsite storage and they should receive the shipment after 3pm the same day and I will get a call. I confirmed with them that if I will still get clearance price. They said yes. I left my contact information and left. I didn't get a call around 3pm so I contacted the store at around 3:30pm to follow up. I was told the shipment is not in, it should be in around after 7pm. I waited and called around 7:30pm. I was told they only got 1 throw. I told the customer service I wanted 7 on both type of throws. She said she will have the backroom to reorder everything for me. They should have the order next day after 12pm. I confirmed again that I will be able to get the items for the clearance price. I was once again told yes.

On 01/03/2019 1:08pm, I called the store to check on the items since I didn't get a call back, I was told that the items were not in and to call back after 3:00pm. I called back at 4:57pm and was told the offsite storage didn't ship the order. The backroom contacted the storage and re-order the items. I should get the items next day after 12pm. I was told that I will get the item for clearance price.

On 01/04/2019, I called the store on 2:24pm since I didn't get a call. I was put on hold for a while then somehow I got disconnected. I tried calling back and the phone just ring with no answer then got disconnected. After 5th call, it was finally picked up after choosing another department on the option, I was then told the items were salvaged and they can't locate the items for me.

I requested to speak with a manager, he did apologize but the issue here is I was promised something and it was not met. Apology is not fixing it. I then contacted corporate. I was told they could only give me gift card but the amount of the gift card they offer can only cover two throws at regular price. There is a reason that I was trying to get the items on clearance. I requested if they can adjust price on any throws to the price I was supposed to get, I was told no. I requested to speak to manager. I was told I will get a call back 3 to 5 business day. So we will see if I do get a call.

I had to constantly contact the store myself instead of them calling me to let me know the status of the shipment or the mistake they made. I am extremely upset due to lack of follow up and the constant run around. I spent a whole two days being told that I was going to receive the items which I did not receive due to poor customer service provided by the several target representatives involved. Do the store team members not communicate with one another? If they didn't want to sell me the items they should've just told me in the beginning, why give me the run around? Why get my hopes up?

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: I want substitution of same amount of items that I requested with the clearance price. .

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To answer all the questions at the end of this VERY long review, no, because it's funny, and life is nothing but getting your hopes up and them being crushed.

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