I have spent thousands of dollars at Target stores over the years. I can't believe you folded to this politically correct BS ! Paula Dean did nothing that we all have done. She said something during a moment of overwhelming stress that she regrets. I have a very high profile job and I will be e-mailing each and every one of my 6000 + customers to beg them to never step foot in another Target store or any company that deals with you. Your are a disgrace to the retail industry !

Done with you forever !

Steven Overton


Boring Oregon 97009

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Target is a bunch of niggazs (or if you prefer, the old south spelling ***)

Washington, District Of Columbia, United States #671015

I don't like Paula deem. Her restaurant in savannah, or her show.

What she did happened in a culture that considered that acceptable behavior. As a former Georgian resident, I had never experienced such racism as I did when I lived there eight years ago.she should not be punished for something that happened so many years ago.

Anaheim, California, United States #670481

Paula Dean is a racist. Good job Target!

Thank you for not supporting bigotry in 2013.

Being a racist shows ignorance and no clas. You have gained a loyal customer for life.

to Loyal Target Customer #670559

Yeah, right. Paula Deen is a racists because she said the uh "n-word" after someone tried to kill her 30 years ago?

White people, black people, yellow people and red people use the n-word every day everywhere.

If that makes a person a racist, the whole of America is a racist. Catch a clue, dumbo.

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