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If you're a veteran or even disabled do not shop at Target store at the Berryhill Road EastChase location in Montgomery AL. Learn that when shopping, and when asked for the manager the A/O was the person who got abusive with me for asking a simple question.

Really Target are you that stupid to hire a nut to represent your corporate name! Call Target on their hotline number, and they're extremely busy to take calls, call back later they say. Even another nice employee said, "someone needs to shut him up, and you're not the first his got abusive with neither.

Really me going spend my money with a business that employ's a known A/O - Unbelievable in U.S.A., a business known to disrespects veterans, why are they even hear operating our country. Why don't any politicians on The Hill speak up for us, apparently they' just like Target all talk and no action.

Review about: Target Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Need more details. What was the abuse?

Were you told something numerous times but was hoping the answer would change in your favor if you kept asking? Were you caught shoplifting and used your veteran status as an excuse?

Did you get hit by a shopping cart? No resolution can come from lack of details.


NO store disrespects veterans. Come on!

We're you asking for a discount on a product they couldn't give a discount on?? Like pharmacy meds?? Some stores only have veteran discounts on certain days.

I live with a veteran, and not once in his life has he EVER requested a discount from anywhere because of his veteran status. He is a humble person.


What are you babbling about?

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