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I have a younger sister who was employed by a Target store located in Lafayette, La approximately 3 weeks ago. She was born with a physical disability that has her wheelchair bound and unable to lift and bend her arms. Mind you all, this is very apparent and she has always been brutally honest about any shortcomings but more than makes up for it with other abilities. They were well aware of what her abilities in being an associate would be and she was under the impression that she would be worked with and they hired her.

Well today, as she was at work, a supervisor approached her and told her she needed to proceed to take care of the clothing in the dressing room. She informed him that this was a near impossible task and he told her that another employee that was in a wheelchair was able to complete these tasks and was promptly fired. Not every person in a wheelchair has the same mobility issues. They were well aware of her particular issues upon hiring her and yet this man has the insensitivity to pigeonhole her into such a vast category instead of trying to find a place that was better suited. Is this a habit of Targets managerial staff and hiring practices? Do you hire people with disabilities to show how caring and understanding you are but when you clearly see that some of the everyday tasks at hand can't be performed you fire them after telling them in the interview that a place would be found for them? Is this your way of avoiding lawsuits and discrimination?

I only use these provocations as an example of questioning because she is one that wants to work and provide for herself and new husband. She doesn't sit at home collecting a check, she wants to work and collect a check like most of America in these lean times. She has been employed by other large companies and always excelled at her job when placed in a situation that she was able to perform to the best of her abilities. Recently I heard a statement that I believe is befitting, "Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is ***." Albert Einstein

I will step off of my soapbox now, I don't expect to hear anything from Target on this matter, I will however spread this to every person I can reach via social media, in person or any other method imaginable. I am disgusted with your Manager’s cavalier attitude and ignorance to the level of assuming all persons in a wheelchair have the same capabilities and that she couldn’t be an invaluable asset in another capacity.

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Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #631566

Your sister might have been working many years, but everytime a person starts a new job they do need training and that is where a job coach would come in and that person would also advocate for her.

New Orleans, Louisiana, United States #631787

Despite the fact that you have succintly stated your sister's predicament, this anonymous person from South Dakota offers suggestions that deflect from the fact that Target is responsible for her employment since they hired her with full disclosure of her physical limitations. Your message has not been lost on the rest of us.

Please continue your efforts on her behalf, and keep up the good fight. You are certainly her greatest advocate!

New Orleans, Louisiana, United States #631491

Of course, you know there are laws protecting people who are in your sister's situation. I hope she vigorously pursues the Americans with Disability Act to its lawful conclusion.

Beyond this, however, is the fact that Target is so awful in treatment of people. I applaud your efforts in exposing her experiences at Target. That whole corporation needs to undergo massive retraining about how to treat people. Decency come naturally to other stores, but it is foreign concept to Target and their employees.

Keep up the good work on behalf of your sister. Spread the word so people will know how Target treated her.

to Anonymous Lafayette, Louisiana, United States #631496

Thank you, I appreciate the words of encouragement. We are not looking for lawsuits etc but they knew her limitations and still hired her.

I will fight the good fight. She recently got married and her husband is having a hard time finding work and she is easily employable because of her experience. It's very frustrating for them and then this happened.

I want to open other peoples eyes that these larger companies that "do the good deed" of hiring disabled individuals are not always looking to benefit others and they got 3 weeks of govt benefits by showing her on the books. was more about human decency and the lack of sensitivity.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #631449

Does you sister have a case manager or job coach. She really should at least have a job coach.

That person would help her get a job, and go to the job site to train her, then check in on her for awhile. If she doesn't have these people to help her, she really should get to some place like Voc Rehab, or an Adjustment Training Center for the help that she might need.

There has to be more to this than what she has told you or what you are telling us, because businesses get some kind of tax credit when they hire disabled people.

to anonymous Lafayette, Louisiana, United States #631494

She has been working for many years, its not a matter of training her. Her body will not physically bend or do what that one job that they were asking her to perform. When she was hired they said they would find a position for her and hired her on that premise. They also gave other employees scheduled hours with multiple shifts for two weeks at a time ...when she got her schedule they only gave her one or two days when she was hired for full time.

As a former employer I am well aware of these tax breaks, that having been said, there are advantages for larger chains to hire typical individuals. Why would she have a case manager or a job coach? She has no other disabilities other than physical limitations. She is assuredly smarter than the average individual. Because of her PHYSICAL disability, she can't be trained to hang clothes. She cannot physically bend her arms or legs and cannot physically raise her arms more than a few inches using her own musculature. Her mental capacities are beyond that of your average person. So please enlighten me as to how a case manager, job coach, voc rehab or an adjustment training center would be of any use to her, especially when she doesn't qualify for assistance AND the employer can see the disability, its obvious. She cannot be taught these things as her physical body is visibly incapable of performing them.

In case you are wondering what her disability is, it's called arthrogryposis. Arthrogryposis is a term used to describe a number of rare conditions characterized by stiff joints and abnormally developed muscles. It affects both her arms and her legs. Her elbow joints and knee joints are fused.

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