Remember it was the United States who helped you keep France. I won't be shopping at Target because you don't honor the country where you are making your money!

Our American military is the reason you are the country you are today and one of the reason you are making so much money. You should appreciate and honor our military and be thankful for them. If you don't can't do either of these things, TAKE YOUR STORE AND GO BACK TO FRANCE.

We don't need you in our country!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PROUD OF OUR MILITARY AND THE COUNTRY IN WHICH YOU DO BUSINESS

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I am surprised no one has brought up that Target is not a French company.


Three years ago for Christmas my daughter bought a cd/tape player for me. It worked one time, we took it back to the store (Wichita Ks.) for a refund OR exchange.

We were told their policy is for ME to send the product in it's original packaging back to the company where it was made. Pay for shipping and handling, taxes, the entire process.

I was incredulously mad, still have the *** machine and can't believe thats why they treat their customers.



Fort White, Florida, United States #217519
this person is seiu or afl cio idiots :upset
This is you ---> :cry

For Lromer 70, i apologogize hes says 2 wars not 2 years. Still how much time did you serve, oh yeah 0!!!

You are not a veteran than.

People like you are why a lot of places do not offer any discount now.

Drama Lama said it perfect.

"We served to honor our country, not get something out of it when we were done."


What is "swaved"?

West Alton, Missouri, United States #215843

Whoever posted the original complaint is an ***. Sorry, but you are. I am retired military, do you respect me now?

Target Corporation (simply known as Target) is an American retailing company that was founded in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1902 as the Dayton Dry Goods Company.

The pronunciation of "tarzyay" isn't a "french" pronunciation, it's slang. Nothing more.

Target has done quite a bit for this country, prolly a lot more than you and your husband combined, and if anything, they deserve a discount for having to put up with unreasonable customers like you.

I don't work for target or even in particular support them. In fact, my backpack got stolen from there tonight with all my money and ID. It was a basic search that landed me here to read all this insanity.

Anyway, not all military, retired or serving act like the demanding, childish, selfish person you are seeing here folks. We served to honor our country, not get something out of it when we were done.


You right!!!!


You need to get off your high horse and stop thinking that you are better than everybody else.

If you love this country so much, you will be familiar with the Declaration of Independence: "...All men are created equal..."

If you do not believe in this, then get the h*ll out of this country.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #214992

Brian you dummy. I never said he served for two years.

I said he is a two time war vet.

Learn to read. What happened to you when you were in battle, did you get a head injury which affected your brain?


I just have to say you must be real dumb to act the way you do. My dad was in the vietnam war and he has no military benefits but he doesn't complain.

My brother was in the army where they discovered he had cancer and he almost died, Your husband only served 2 years my brother was in there for a lot longer and although he gets va you don't see him expecting people to give him a military discount. Just because you married someone who was in the army it means nothing. If your husband joined the military just to get discounts he joined for the wrong reason.

You are not entitled to anything. You need to grow up and realize your husband is no more special then the other people who serve in the military or the ones who gave their life for this country.

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #214964

Military discounts! I'm really tired of hearing about this subject.

I am an honourable discharged vetern with 9 years of service ( 20 years ago). I don't remember being promised any entitlements other than what was on my enlistment contract.

If a company decides to offer a military discount FINE however; remenber there were people that your family relied on when you were gone and knowing that they were supported helped you do your job. Your service should be for pride and patriotism not a disount.


For lromer70, you said he served for 2 years, well i did for 6 do this makes this my country more than yours by your defintions especially since you are not the one who served. You need to get out my country if you are going to be so nasty to its citizens!! You did not risk your life and to say you did is an insult to us veterans who did!!

Tamalpais-Homestead Valley, California, United States #214885

The Target here on Staten Island is just as bad.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #214408

Well he has more common sense than some of the adults on this site(including the person writing this letter). He also has more social skills than some of these adults here.

Lromer70, I have seen your two letters and frankly your husband should be ashamed of you and divorce you.

That way you won't be a military wife. Also you should be ashamed that a 12 year old is much better behaved and has better communication and social skills and better common sense than you do.


I don't believe any of the *** that you say that those posts under kayjewelers@pissedconsumer wern't made by you. All of your excuses make no sense at all.


Not to mention, on this comment was the first time i ever gave out my age. And that was zachary who said he was 12. You must be blind.


Yes i know you never said my father should die.

How does it feel when people put words in your mouth?

This lady is mentally insane. I feel bad for her husband.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #213882

The part about being 12 years old. It however was not hollywood, the person claiming to be 12 had "1998" in their username not hollywood. Get your facts straight.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #213717

Nice try, Hollywood. I was looking at these letters and you just admitted on another letter that you are 12 years old.

Quite a accomplishment for a 12 year old to go to college and work at Target.

However you are not 20 you just admitted on that coupon letter that you are 12 years old. You know on that letter titled "Target does not honor full value coupons, Wal-mart Does"

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