Two weeks ago I bought a box of Size 5 Slip On Huggies diapers, 64 count. At check out I received a coupon for $2 off the next box of Slip On diapers. I tried to use that coupon today on an identical box of diapers (Size 5 Slip On Huggies, 64 count), and the cashier did not want to apply it because she understood it to only apply to Size 4 diapers.

SAY WHAT? In her defense, she laughed it off and applied the discount anyway as a "favor" (her words), but let's think about this... why on earth would a diaper coupon be size specific? And, if size specific, why would a store bother to give a coupon for smaller diapers to a parent? As a general rule, children don't shrink.

So... either the cashier was mistaken (most likely, and sad), or the coupon was intentionally misleading specifically to get the consumer back in the store without any intent of giving an actual discount.

While I don't want to believe that they would intentionally mislead, I had a similar experience a while back --- same store with a different diaper promotion ($10 gift card when you buy two boxes of diapers). The second time around, the same sign was up, but upon check out, the cashier said that I actually had to buy three boxes this time. I didn't have time to argue or go back to the diaper aisle. The point is, they know they are screwing with people, and do so without remorse.

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Coupon.

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Actually usually the coupons that come out of our printers is just name brand and amount you have to buy or how many oz etc. Never have I seen one that says a specific size for a diaper or say a large shirt etc.

Also with the ad you usually have to buy three or four of the object to get the discount or gift card. The biggest problems are guests not reading signs or coupons but they do help out if it is there error for example I went and they had a sign up for a donut maker for five dollars originally twenty but it was past the expiration it just wasn't taken down by mistake.

they gave it to us for the five dollars. :)

Thanks for calling Target out on your facts. They do this very often.

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