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Saugus, MA store

Cashier inadvertently left one of my bags in the check-out area. When I got home and discovered I was missing many items so I called the store.

Customer service representative asked me to describe the items I was missing so that she could check for the bag. She came back on the line and told me she indeed had the bag. Informed me to bring my receipt when I came down to pick up the bag.

Went down to get the bag and was told the bag wasn't there. The representative could've cared less, she acted as though it wasn't her problem and I was just a problem customer. Her guess was that the items had gone back into the inventory.

She informed me that I would have to re-shop for the items and then come back to customer service.

As I looked for the items I had picked out earlier, I started getting really frustrated. The pants I picked out for my son were not there in his size. The socks weren't there. The situation was getting ridiculous.

I went back up to Customer Service. Asked to speak with the Manager. Two people showed up, neither of whom acted or looked like they could run a hot dog stand let alone a Target store.

I explained my situation. They disappeared into the back to conference with each other. After 20 minutes or so, they came back and told me my bag had been given to the customer who checked out after me. They totally contradicted what the other customer service rep had said.

Again, no apology. Acted like they were doing ME a big favor here. A chinese fire drill ensued as they ran to and fro in an effort to properly check me out once again!

And that was Target Management?? The type of people they have representing their brand is really sad. So unprofessional with not one ounce of customer service abilities among them.

Needless to say, I won't be shopping there ever again.

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I received a Polaroid Digital Picture frame for Christmas. Tried it.

The device would not upload pictures from the computer (no USB function). Tried to return item in original package, with receipt, two weeks after purchase. I was told it had been "used." The manager refused to meet with me or provide his name.

Customer Service said their job is to back the store managers. Tell your friends: Do Not Shop at Target!


i never worked for target, but i did work in retail for four years at a small chain. in my small store that can run or three or four employees for a shift, if a customer leaves a bag behind and an associate, not the cashier, notices, it becomes reshops.

if the cashier noticed, the bag may have been put aside in case the customer called.

now, target is significantly larger, requires dozens of people per shift, and handles hundreds, if not thousands, of customers per day. and you really want them to keep track of your bag? oh lady, you do have a high opinion of yourself.

these people have a lot to do on every shift, they can not worry about one single person who left one single bag. if you left a 72 inch tv, that would be a different story.


"Again, no apology. Acted like they were doing ME a big favor here. A chinese fire drill ensued as they ran to and fro in an effort to properly check me out once again!

And that was Target Management?? The type of people they have representing their brand is really sad. So unprofessional with not one ounce of customer service abilities among them."

Apart from the unfortunate problem with your bag, you have strong views about how you expected Target to serve you. Perhaps you can explain to me what you were expecting the Team Members at your Target to do for you?


Local Target has excellent customer service but I wanted info on Archer Farms jar of spinach artichoke dip and toll-free number is a total joke, just keeps cycling you back around to the beginning of the voice mail prompts. Needed to know shelf life, does it taste better if heated, info not on the label.

Dropped my debit card in store, they asked for ID and had it locked up for safekeeping. I have learned to walk to bagging area to ensure I get all my bags, then back to payment area to slide my card

O'halloran Hill, South Australia, Australia #45619

I have not shopped in a Target since January and I could not be happier. We need to speak louder with our dollars by not shopping at such a *** poor excuse of an abusive store. I am with you sister if there people had half a brain your bag wouldn't have been left behind because the clerk would have eyes to see it sitting there WHERE she left it.....

Minooka, Illinois, United States #32260


I see you are a little slow, so let me spell things out for you. My complaint was about what happened after the bag was left behind.

How it got left there is irrelevant. *** happens, people get side-tracked. It happens to the best of us. My complaint was how the Target associates handled the situation after the fact.

Perhaps if you left your home once in a while and interacted with people you would get my drift here.

But my guess is that you are one of those creepy losers who sit at home and troll sites like this one so you can berate people. Sad, Sad, Sad.

Minooka, Illinois, United States #32256

Hey Sunshineruby,

Thank you for validating every single customer service complaint on this site. You are the type of ignorant person that Target hires.

Perhaps if you are so bitter you should find a different job. Maybe one where you don't have to talk to actual people. How about a mental hospital cleaning the bathrooms or something.

And I bet, you could even wrangle up some free therapy for your anger disorder. Good luck, I hope feel better soon.

Minooka, Illinois, United States #32241

A few hours. That's what is so frustrating about the situation!

Plus, I called the store right away. The customer service person told me my bag was there. I told her I couldn't come right away for it, but would be down later that night. I would think she would have made some type of note and put it on the bag or something.

Couldn't be bothered I guess. But then again, I shouldn't be surprised.

The people I was dealing with weren't from the deep end of the gene pool, if you know what I mean. Kind of like the first two people who reacted to my posting.

Argusville, North Dakota, United States #32213

How much time elapsed between the day you forgot the bag and the day you returned for it?

Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #32080

I don't know how old you are. My guess is you are a child and you are the son writing this and not the mother.

Any adult would take responsibility when they left things behind. If you are the parent perhaps you should not be having children because you still need mommy and daddy to make sure you leave with everything that your purchased.

sunshineruby is right the workers have better things to do than to babysit children who leave their purchsese behind.


As sad as it is that your *** got sent back out to the floor. In my store the "guest" is responsible for taking their merchandise with them when they leave AND in the event that the items are left behind and then placed back out onto our salesfloor it is the GUESTS responsibility to go hunt it down because the Team Members have better things to do then to go hunting for something you left behind.

That's why you check that you've got all your bags... you can ask the cashier if you were given all your items because that would cause them to check all the bags for items. You guests are lazy... always wanting someone to hold your hand.

Suck it up because it's not like they said "too bad... better luck next time" they did what they could!

I bet you will shop there again to because all you losers who cry that we were mean and you won't shop there again show up the next week or a few days later! Cry me a river!

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