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My 92 year old mother needed to replace her TV. I drove 75 miles to her home to help. Drove her to the nearest TARGET store another 15 miles. We shopped in the appliance department until she found the TV she liked. After making arrangements with the store clerk she wanted to pay with her own personal check. After writing the check, the clerk advised my mother they couldn't accept her check because she never wrote a check in the store before. ?????

Can you belive that one? I asked them to go ahead and call the bank and verify the check. The clerk advised me that the store policy was not to do that because of privacy issues?????

We promptly left the store and went to Wall-Mart who happily accepted her check for her new 52" flat screen TV.

Monetary Loss: $700.

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Dummy, you are appropriately named. I'm sure you are as proud of your writing as you are your name.


Ya' know what's funny? The check printing company "Checks Unlimited" is an advertiser in the right column


Personal checks ARE a proper form of payment.


Tasha you must have gotten a promotion to CEO of for running down Wal-Mart since Target is one of your sponsors.


Since when did checks become unacceptable to pay bills?


Put yourself in school for not typing Wal-Mart correctly to


Your mother is pretty *** for a 92 year old. Why doesn't she know that a check isn't a "modern" way to pay for a purchase? Put that child in class for geezers.


Didn't your 92 year old mother know that checks are not legal forms of payment in America anymore? After all, at 92 she should have anticipated that they wouldn't take her check and used another form of payment. Checks for payment of commodities in a public store - what was she thinking?


Like Ninjaprincess said she was not denied she could've used another form of payment. Also it is "Wal-Mart" not "Wall-Mart". Learn how o spell if you wish to troll these boards making BOGUS complaints.


They did not deny your mother. she could of purchased it another way!

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