Tried to purchase 2 new I-pod 5th generation for our football team fundraiser. We were denied purchase due to lack of purchase history!!

I asked how due you get purchase history when you can't make a purchase ?? This is the best part, they asked for routing number and acct # for bank and there is $38.000.00 dollars in acct and the still wouldn't take check because policy says to much money for first purchase!!! Total was $550.00. Called customer service and they said policy is what is is !!

The company president should be fired and stock holders should run for there lives!!

What a disgrace went to BJs wholesale next town over in Weymouth mass and purchased with same check!! WOW

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They can take a stolen credit card but not a BANK CHECK!! LOL

to Anonymous #719177

Great One, Anonymous!

Target is very, very "klever" like that.

Thanks guys for the great reply comments that you left on the comments I left below. :)
Ocean Springs, Mississippi, United States #716182

This post = caacaa

nobody fell for it, dummmmmazzzz

to Anonymous Cleburne, Texas, United States #718048

Agreed! OP tried to use a bad check and was denied.

A purchase on Target's credit card may denied if you don't use it for a year or two maybe.

That's about it. No one here or anywhere cares how much was in your fake account, clown.


What kind of incompetent person uses a check? Only people who try to scam businesses use checks now days or really old people!

Everyone including that 16 year old in line behind you uses a debit or credit card! And yes, at 16 you CAN get a debit card with parental consent! This story doesn't add up. Target does not "deny" purchases "because it's a first purchase".

They most likely denied the use of your bad check because of the dollar amount. Next time, try cash.


Try joining the rest of us in the 21st century and get a debit card. Checks are a risk for a store and they have every right to deny them.

Not to mention the line you hold up while you write your caveman check. Get with the times.

to Simon Netcong, New Jersey, United States #716192

Five stars, ten thumbs up, a double snap, and a giant oorah!

to codysfriend #717459
Thanks guys and have a great day! :)

That's hilarious!!!

Target's customer service (local or corporate) is the joke other retailers tell each other, and the punch line is ~~~ YOU!!!

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