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I have an item that was delayed and there is no option to cancel the delayed item. It will arrive after I need it.

I've already replaced the gift with something else. Now I'll have another with nothing to do with it since it was a specific article of clothing. Way to go Target.

Not to mention that you can not understand the broken English of the customer service person.

I don't know why we need 100 words if I can post my complaint in less than that. Target needs to improve their online ordering process and be able to cancel if an item will be received 10-14 days after first thought.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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Orange, California, United States #912339

You need to get either mommy or daddy to read to you all the terms and conditions before submitting. I am sure before you pressed the submit button it warned told you that you would have to wait 10-14 days. Next time get a parents permission before ordering online.

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