On 12/15/13 I phoned and asked two employees if I could exchange a $12.99 bad cartridge for a good one. Store was closing went to the service desk to do the exchange and a man possibly an LOD (with bad customer service skills) refused the exchange. He was disrespectful towards me. I was very mad when I exited Target. Plus lost the $12.99+. This made my project late, almost threw away my printer. This man was rude. Never offered a copy of their return policies and belittled me also.

I thought Target would replace defective products. The man treated me like a criminal. I'm also am out $12.99+ and mad about it.

Monetary Loss: $13.

  • Defective return policies
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Syracuse, New York, United States #761848

You have every right to be annoyed. Target's customer service sucks.

That's why there are over a thousand complaints about them on this website. Their apologists are probably paid by their PR department.

Their customer service people clearly are trained in customer hostility. Same as their apologists.

Hoffman, Minnesota, United States #761370

Well they have their returns policy written on their returns desk. If you cannot read that you deserve to be belittled.

Also just because someone does not do as you want does not mean they have poor customer service skills or are treating you like a criminal. They are just following policy.

Remember kid, being told no, and refusing to change the rules just for you is not the same as being rude.

to Anonymous Fort Walton Beach, Florida, United States #761541

Spot on.

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