For Christams my sister got me a bed in a bag from target.http://www.target.com/Xhilaration-Eclectic-Bed-Bag/dp/B002ARM6J4/ref=br_1_8?ie=UTF8&frombrowse=1&searchView=grid5&searchNodeID=385058011&node=385058011&searchRank=salesrank&searchPage=2&searchSize=30&id=Xhilaration%20Eclectic%20Bed%20Bag . I opened it two days ago.

Today I am noticing strains,fade marks, and poor dye quality. Threads come out alot. I honestly think it was pre-used and someone returned it and target put it back on the shelf! Target is a very crappy shopping place.

I will never shop there again. This is only one of many defected products from target.

Monetary Loss: $59.

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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #995454

I bought this comforter as well and the same thing happened to me !! After I washed it and completely got ruined


*** ***, stop trying to return your defective ***. It's trash like you that makes target raise their prices. Get a life you c u n t.


I really doubt that if it was returned that anyone at the store knew it was messed up. I worked at target for 3 years and we never put anything back on the shelf that we knew was defective.

Why would any store that has a return policy do that? People would just bring it back.

If you would have opened it within 3 months of the date it was bought you could have just returned it to the store.

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