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We went to Lego Feast 2011 & was given a coupon from Target for a free value pack item if you bought lego from them. Staff had no clue what I was talking about.

I was offered a cheap tiny pkg of lego (not the ones pictured in coupon) & told "here take this, it's all we have". The "trainer" who also called himself the front line mgr, had an arrogance & was in no mood to help me. Today, I called Targets guest relations & was told they only have one value pack (the one that was offered to me) and it was basically the coupon manufacturer's fault. The phone rep apologized but said other than documenting my complaint regarding the rude employee there was nothing he can do.

I advised him "no problem, I'll just buy my son's lego elsewhere from now on, post a negative review & inform Lego Feast of my Target experience. I'm done with this store!!

Not the first time they have pulled the bait & switch.... ugh!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Coupon.

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Previously NARC YOU OUT - I just want to clarify that someone has stolen my screen name and is posting lies to these sites. As of 9/2/11, I will no longer post as Narc you out, but as anonymous so that the little cowardly thief and liar who won't take as stand under their own name and I can be on the same level playing field.

I shall, however, not stop encouraging people from posting their problems with Target. Apparently is more of a forum for people to insult the victims, but getting the word out any way possible is the main issue and I will continue with that purpose.



I have been reading many comments made in reply to a consumer's complaint against Target. Most of them are so vulgar and it makes one wonder why such negative passion is being input into their responses.

My feelings are that many of these comments are being made by people connected in some way with the Target corporation.

Nevertheless, keep strong. You certainly did nothing wrong. Target is the culpret with egg on their faces. Target stands in its profitable column because people trusted them to give them a fair deal.

If they cannot stand up with some kind of integrity, then we will have to go after their bottom line. Remember, K-Mart was once a large successful corporation.

Please warn as many people as you can by word of mouth and the written word. They cannot exist without satisfied customers, and as you can tell, there are many of us out here.


U *** tit, u got the coupon at Lego Fest and your complainin on here? break your foot off in your a$$ u dumb tw@t

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