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my daughter was having a bipolar crisis last week.she left home & she stole a jacket and was abused by male security wayne in spring hill target. she was calm and did not try to run.wayne grabbed her arm and picked her up in air.

she has black&blue.she is 85pounds,5ft-1".he was alone with the three girls to *** outer clothes down to shorty shorts they were child stated she never did this before &she was off her meds & that she took off from home.Target denied her calling home,security stated Ï dont care". it was apparent since my child was down to a tanktop that her wrist was severely&deeply lacerated.Wayne refused her medical attention. wayne & deputys' manner was verbally abusive calling them "fu__in retarded", ***, ***, and several critical personal comments. I contacted store sunday for my child contacted me late saturday night 1/23/11 hours after incident.Target giving me run around.

target store angie,mgr stated "well she didnt have a heart attack or collapse."Angie stated this to me after i informed her of my child's medical conditions to include mitral vale.It is now monday,1/24&target H.Q.'s keeps transferring me,and no one seems to be helping. Deupty Woodbury was at scene and did pull up her record of mental hx. no hx of any criminal issues. i had my child receive emerg.

care sun. to include blood test for laceration due to loss of blood & infection to laceration. we r following up tday with therapist and psychiatrist. Note i had the Harbor,Baycare & doctors'alerted to my child takin off & in crisis.Just the week before my child took a loan at bank with an 816 credit score.

she is not a delinquent & never has done anything like this. Her new medication i believe had adverse side affects to include personality disorder which is being taken care of.

I need an immed. response.

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My husband died when my daughter was a baby.


I do not disagree with any of you. The night my daughter turned 18 made it difficult for me to do anything!

I do not deny she stole. I am not excusing her behavior. Having a disorder and not taking your meds, not eating, smoking whatever and taking drugs would mess anyone up. Point being she was out of control and should not have been let go.

Every time she took off I call authorities, I have had her baker-acted and so on. I had her homebound for school. I chased and looked for her every time she took off. Her therapists say just let her go, she's 18 now.I had authorities meet me in NPR weeks ago at this guys trailer.

a real drug addict. they told me nothing they can do and I quote what he said "let her get sick and let her die".


Hey Kevin, maybe YOU should buy a textbook! Borderline Personality Disorder DOES exist. ***


I don't care what your brats problem is. She shouldnt disrespect Target like that.

Let her go somewhere else and steal. What is she, like 7 and you are like, mmmm, like, lelts see, or mabee 16 or something. Grow up!

Target rocks!! 2bad so sad youve got a criminal for a kid.


it is now september 2011 and I'm done. I have contacted the authorities, doctors, pschotherapists and so on, on a regular basis.

all tell me to let her go. How as a mom, a single mom, just give up hope. my daughter was a full time job. for those of you who think otherwise.

It's sad, but again I stress the importance of people like my daughter getting immed. help when in trouble.


to clarify "laceration" - was open infected on her wrist. authorities should have gotten her help.she was out of control.

what about protecting the public? I have met with Dwayne and apologized.

I know my daughter lied and minipulated, but my concern was her getting medical attention and not letting her go loose on the street. I had contacted her therapist,psychiatric,and Baycare that week


MrsJwhite- Thank you for posting your experience with Target's security staff's handling of your sick child. I am not certain of the meaning of your last sentence, "I need an immed.

response". Hopefully you have been able to resolve your child's medical condition and she is now stabilized. As far as Target's treatment of her, I am sure that you will get no satisfaction from this site. It seems as though people with legimate complaints are merely mocked and ridiculed on this site.

Target has the worst public relations I have ever seen with any store and I am sure that you will not find any amicable resolution in this matter with them. I do wish you the best possible settlement and hope you can get your daughter's medical condition under control.

I know it has to be hard to deal with an unstable child and have these issues slammed in your face. Thanks again for your posting and good luck.


Target wants you to pay for what your daughter did. Dont you know they are in business to make money, not deal with your kid!


What is your daughter like 2 or 4 or 6 or let's see o,like or 8 or something? Here's your response Target wants you to put a leash on her.


By the way, personality disorder does not exist... please for the love of god, buy a text book.


If you were a decent parent you would just call the police and file for charges for kidnapping with the officer. Or maybe, don't let your daughter run around un-medicated disrupting society.

Not having stolen before is NOT an excuse to be allowed to get off easy. Be a better parent.


You're just trying to get him terminated because you feel your daughter isn't to blame. Hello!

She stole something. Keep an eye on your child if you're so worried, jeeze woman!


I know the security guard your speaking of and he does not swear like a sailor or is overly aggressive! You daughter is playing on your emotions.

If he had to put his hands on her it was due to her possibly running, fighting or being verbally abusive.

That is usually what happens in order for her to be "deeply lacerated".

The real crime is a woman using the system to get an upstanding citizen terminated for doing his job. Put that energy into helping your daughter with her condition instead of wrongfully accusing a friend of mine!!


Yeah this isn't the security guards fault they do not know whether the person is dangerous or not or whether they have a weapon. And even with bipolar you can not blame your daughters actions on that.

Hollywood you are a D*ck i have seen you post comments on several different posts and you are just talking sh*t the whole time.

Well you really need to get off your fat@$$ and move away from the computer screen. It really isn't good for you to sit in one place for so many consecutive hours because you can get infections in places you dont want them to be.(like anyone wants an infection in the first place) but you man you live for them apparently.


I am sorry but it's time that people take responsibility for their actions..not play the blame this person supposed to go free? Just what does the OP want to happen?

And will parents stop making conclusions based on hearsay..did she actually hear the verbal abuse? Bipolar crisis my a@@!


maybe if you kept a better eye on your daughter this would not have happened the security guard was just doing his job and staying safe. the store is within it's rights to detain your daughter till police arrive and the store is right unless she passes out or has a heart attack they don't have to call ems. also the store doesn't have to contact you, that's the police's job.

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