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Purchased a tool kit on 6/15/2015 for a friend's wedding. This gift on his registry was unavailable in any Target in our area and "could not be shipped" to any Target in our area so we purchased it online.

We were out of town when it was delivered, but opened the package today and the handle was broken so we needed a replacement. The packing slip said it could either be returned in store or online and we have a Target right down the street, so we figured we'd return it at the store and have a new one sent out. The representative at the store said she could only give us a gift card for the same amount and we would have to repurchase it online. She said it was impossible for her to order a new one because Target's network in the store wasn't secure and to call

We called and spoke with a representative named "Ryan" (no last name or ID number) and he told us it would be 7-10 business days from the time they received the package back from us. This is not a viable option, because the wedding is on 7/12/2015 and we need to have it ready to give to them at the reception. More than that, we were not overly confident that it would be delivered without damage and therefore needed more of a buffer in case we had to go through this again. "Ryan" told me there was nothing that could be done, so I requested to speak with his supervisor.

"Frank", a "manager" (no last name or ID number), then came on the line and told me that he could have the new one shipped out using Express Shipping which is apparently 3-5 business days and said they would have to wait until the package arrives in their warehouse before the new one could be shipped. So basically 7-10 business days... Again. Unacceptable.

I asked him to get creative. Ship it to a store near us, we'll exchange there. He dismissed this idea although he didn't explain why. He then said he would have another prepped to ship immediately and that I could send the one I have back at my leisure.

That would work. He said he would e-mail me confirmation and told me he had already processed the request. At this point I was skeptical because I HADN'T GIVEN THEM ANY INFORMATION. NO ORDER NUMBER.

NO NAME. NO E-MAIL ADDRESS. NOTHING! I was never asked any of this information or prompted to give any of this information.

He said the previous rep gave him the order number and that the request he processed was for an organizer. I HAVE NEVER PURCHASED AN ORGANIZER FROM TARGET! After having to confirm with him my order number 3 times for him to get it right I then decided to ask for his supervisor and apparently he doesn't have another customer facing supervisor. Working escalations in a call center myself, I'm aware that this is a tactic used frequently and after arguing with him for absolutely WAY too long decided to give up.

So now, the order number was straightened but we still needed it to be sent to us via overnight shipping. Apparently Target doesn't believe in overnight shipping because we were told that the fastest shipping they had was 3-5 business days with absolutely no exceptions. THIS DOES NOT MAKE SENSE!

Any decent company would send a simple e-mail to their shipping department and get a package overnighted to keep a customer. All I wanted was a quick replacement and decent customer service and all I got was an argument with incompetent representatives of an apparently incompetent company.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $43.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Customer service, Workout options, Accountability, Exchange options, Online store.

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Orange, California, United States #1002198

You are so nosy, they are not required to give last name and employee numbers grow up. I hope you behave your age at the wedding and don't act like a toddler as you are doing right now.

to KevinRichards #1003343

Not only that, there is also the chance the distribution center did not have the item in stock. Now I'm addressing the OP.

No retail company has the power to deliver a product overnight to the store.

If the DC has the item available, it stays there until it can get onto an available shipment truck. Store employees can't just wave a magic wand to make you feel better.

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