David T. the manager who works at the Apple Valley North in CA needs needs training in improving his customer service and people skills.

He was rude and humiliated me in front of my children. I will not shop at any Target again! I informed him that I was dissatisfied with the Target.com coupon policy; I had to wait 5 minutes for an associate then was escorted to guest services to wait another 5 minutes to be humiliated.

The manager said I got my discount, what else could he do in a really rude manner. I will NOT shop at any Target again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Coupon.

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What is the matter Ihatelosersonthiwebsite

Did you find your wife or husband f*cking the mail man or the nurse who was watching over you.


to Ihatelosersonthiswebsite



Jedi Knight Ethan and BigBruce, go suck on a pen, you both are dirt bags who are probably fat and sit in front of computers with nothing to do other then insult people.

- a friendly websurfer who saw this post


Jedi Knight Ethan,

Her husband caught her sleeping with the pizza guy and made her husband promise not to tell the mail man.


Big Bruce

I am sure they are used to it by now, being embarrassed by their mother. Bet the first embarrassment came when they caught her in bed with the mail man and or pizza delivery guy.


* person should be parent.


The only peopled who were humiliated in the store that day were your children - embarrassed how they could have a person as awful as you.


shut up, cheap ***.


Oh you are not the same person. Instead of posting a complaint you should be thanking the manager for teaching your children that they have to follow rules and they can't get everything they want. It is a shame that you had to be embarrassed to teach this but someone had to teach them to follow rules and policies, you obviously did not.


Was he really rude, or are you just saying he was rude because he did not let you get what you wanted. Also are you the same person using your eight year old to get discounts and to make us feel sorry for your situation? I bet to your children you are rude and need people skills because you don't always give them what they want, or are you the type who spoils your child rotten so they learn that the world revolves around them and that they do not have to follow rules.

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