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My husband ordered 2 WII console bundles on cyber Monday. A confirmation email email was sent along with an order number.

We were under the impression that these items were going to be shipped to us and we did not need to look for these items further, that they would make it to us for Christmas. Also with confirmation it ended our search on cyber Monday for a sale price on these items. Today 12-10-11 I was wondering why they had not shown up yet so I went to the email and clicked to check the order status, to which it said that my items had been CANCELED!! So I call them and inquire, what do you mean they have been canceled, why?

To which they told me "I am sorry, it seems as though we ran out of the items and were unable to fill the order." You did WHAT???? you RAN OUT!!! SERIOUSLY people!! you CONFIRMED that you had them!!!

Do you even know the definition of CONFIRMED??? It was cyber Monday, I could have purchased them from someone else if you had said that you did not have the items!!!! WHAT A CROCK!!

You need a lesson in PROFFESSIONALISM and a DICTIONARY!!!!

I will not be ordering *** from Target in the future and I will avoid the store at all cost!!! Beware if you too have ordered something from them, you may want to make sure that it is still ordered and in fact on the way!!

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They did offer to sell me the same product that they RAN OUT OF at full price.....If they have it now, why did they not have it then...and why would they not offer to redeem theirselves and sell it to me for the price it was offered on the 28th?? Like the other person said, they do not even price match their own prices!! I'm sorr this happened to you, but I'm sure that it will not happen to either of us again!!


The same thing happened to me. I am so mad!

I received a confirmation that the product was going to be shipped only to check my email today and find a cancellation notice from 5 days after I ordered the product!!!

I called and talked to 2 different people at Target and all they would do to compensate me was send me a $10 gift card. I will NEVER shop online at again and will have to think long and hard before purchasing anything in the store.


This seems to be a pattern with Target. After they canceled a camera order I had for a holiday gift I saw that they did this with the PS3, other Camera's, Missoni in September, and countless other items.

Any business that has an established pattern of not knowing how much inventory they have and canceling orders left and right is a bad one. I would rather shop at any other place that don't tell me "We don't price match ourselves"

@Common Sense, go troll somewhere else.


Well, clearly the logic of this is beyond view for you.

Believe it or not, I would assume you were not the only person purchasing this product. We may live in a "fast paced" society but not so fast that stock updates would be provided by the second.

You sound like a typical greedy american consumerist that lacks common sense.

You've never gone to a grocery store to get something that you saw on TV or in a get there and its out of stock?


Grow up, stop being a greedy ***** and worry about better things.

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