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We wanted to purchase a complete patio set: table, chairs, armchairs, umbrella, umbrella stand. These were all being sold as individual items, not as a set.

The items had been marked as reduced, since it is peak season. The salesperson on the floor checked the stock and returned, stating that the items were out of stock but they would honor the prices on merchandise as it came in. He stated that the incoming trucks would contain much of the items we wanted, and they would be happy to give us a rain check. Here is the issue: They have no system in place to either call customers who are waiting for merchandise nor do they fulfill a requested gathering of individually sold merchandise.

I was instructed to call the store every two days in order to collect each of the items as they came in. That meant that over time, I would be able to collect the entire patio set. They also don't have any delivery service, so I would have to go to the store five separate times to pick up my items. Several would be in huge boxes so I would have had to schedule the use of a borrowed vehicle four of the five trips.

The utter inconvenience forced us to go next door to the Home Depot to purchase a set that was actually a set and included free delivery. Lesson to Target: customer service includes making things as easy as possible for consumers.

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Target isn't a specialty store like home depot or lowes, etc.

That's all ill say to you.

And, now ill just laugh. What a *** JOKE!


hold on not only is your complaint that they dont have free delivery its that youd have to go approximately 5 times to the store?? okay lazy ***** seriously the complaints on this site are dumb as **** ..clearly your a fat ****. just sayin.


Your complaint is that Target doesn't have free delivery? Get the *** out of here!

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