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The stores had been out of my son's and I favorite coffee for several weeks (Archer Farms Dark Chocolate Truffle) so I decided to check online to try and find it in a different Target. Found a grand total of 3 bags nearly 70 miles away and decided that it wasn't worth the drive. I figured maybe they lost a container in an accident at sea or some other weird happening, so I decided to wait a couple more weeks, just in case.

Finally I called Target and asked what was up and was told by a phone rep there that he was happy to tell me it would be back in stock soon.

I found out today that the product had been discontinued. If there is one thing I truly despise in this world, it is being lied to! I will continue to shop there as I don't like to make threats that are basically impossible to keep, but I assure you I won't buy an Archer Farms product again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Waltham, Massachusetts, United States #1201233

What people need to learn is there is a difference between being lied to and being misinformed. Would you like it if you were labeled a liar simply because you were misinformed about something.

Everyone makes mistakes. Even you do. For example your first sentence should state that my instead of I.

here let me correct it for you.


The stores had been out of my son's and my favorite coffee for several weeks.


Does this conclusion of you replacing "I" where you should put "my" mean that you never graduated elementary school. Nope you made a mistake just like the employee.

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